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requirement /rɪˈkwaɪəmənt $ -ˈkwaɪr-/ noun [countable usually plural]

لازمه ، دربایست ، نیازمندی ، تقاضا ، احتیاج ، الزام ، نیاز ، ایجاب ، التزام ، لازم ، مقرره ، عمران: مورد نیاز ، قانون ـ فقه: مقتضی ، مقررات ، روانشناسی: شرط

: requirement (jf)

علوم دریایی: خواسته
مهندسی صنایع: نیازمندی ، نیاز ، احتیاج مهندسی صنایع: نت: احتیاج-نیاز کامپیوتر: مورد نیاز زیست شناسی: نیاز ، احتیاج

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Synonyms: necessity, demand, essential, lack, must, need, prerequisite, stipulation, want

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requirement S2 W2 AC /rɪˈkwaɪəmənt $ -ˈkwaɪr-/ noun [countable usually plural]
[Word Family: verb: require; noun: requirement]

1. something that someone needs or asks for:
The refugees’ main requirements are food and shelter.
requirement of
Potatoes can provide one-third of our daily requirement of vitamin C.
meet/fulfil/satisfy a requirement (=have or do what is necessary)
The new computer system will meet all our requirements.
surplus to requirements British English (=more than is needed)
The increase in gas-fired power stations means traditional coal ones are becoming surplus to requirements.

2. something that must be done because of a law or rule:
If you are installing a new bathroom, it has to meet the requirements of the Building Regulations.
Two measures have been introduced as legal requirements.

3. something, especially good examination results, that a college, employer etc says you must have in order to do something
requirement for
English 4 is a requirement for English majors.
To find out about entry requirements for students, write to the college admissions board.
The minimum requirement for the post was a degree in engineering.

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ADJ. absolute There's no absolute requirement to disclose your age.
important, key, main, prime | essential, fundamental An open system of criminal justice is a fundamental requirement of any democratic society.
demanding, strict, stringent | detailed | exact, precise | reasonable | basic | minimum | additional, further | general | special | particular, specific | individual, personal | annual, daily your daily requirement of vitamin C
constitutional, contractual, formal, legal, legislative, mandatory, procedural, regulatory, statutory | business, commercial | borrowing The public sector borrowing requirement is expected to rise.
client, customer, market | academic, course, curriculum, educational, entrance, entry | technical | environmental, safety | visa | dietary, nutritional patients with special dietary requirements
energy, food, housing, information, labour, manpower
VERB + REQUIREMENT comply with, fulfil, meet, satisfy, suit We can arrange a holiday to meet your requirements exactly.
impose, lay down, set (down/out) The government has imposed strict safety requirements on fairground rides.
relax, waive to relax university entrance requirements
PREP. for your ~ We grow enough vegetables for our own requirements.
to your ~ Our conservatories and porches can be designed to your exact requirements.
~ for Large buildings have specific requirements for fire-brigade access.
PHRASES subject to (the) requirements The school can decide which pupils will be given priority of admission, subject to the requirements of the law.
surplus to requirements (= more than is needed) 300 workers at the factory have been told they are surplus to requirements.

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meet a requirement (=have or do what is needed)
We finally found a house that seemed to meet all of our requirements.
satisfy/fulfil a requirement formal (=meet them)
Our aim is to satisfy our customers’ requirements.
comply with requirements formal (=have or do what a rule or law says is necessary)
Failure to comply with these requirements is a criminal offence.
impose requirements formal (=state that something has to be done)
Because the regulations impose new requirements on small businesses, they will prove costly.
suit sb’s requirements (=be suitable for someone in a particular situation)
You could design and build your own house to suit your requirements.
a special requirement
He modified the car to suit his own special requirements.
a basic requirement
Water is a basic requirement of life.
an essential requirement
Confidence is an essential requirement for success.
a minimum requirement
That certificate is a minimum requirement for entry to music college.
a legal/statutory requirement
There is no legal requirement to carry identity papers.
safety requirements
All companies are required to meet Health and Safety requirements.
entry requirements (=the skills, qualifications etc you must have in order to enter a school, university, or country, or to do a course)
Applicants must satisfy the normal entry requirements for the programme.
energy requirements (=the amount of energy a place or person needs)
65 percent of the country’s energy requirements were met by imported oil.
be surplus to requirements British English (=be more than is needed)
The old school building is now surplus to requirements.

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