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Re·spect /rɪˈspekt/
respect /rɪˈspekt/ noun

حیثیت ، رعایت ، رابطه ، نسبت ، رجوع ، مراجعه ، ملاحظه ، احترام گذاشتن به ، محترم داشتن ، بزرگداشت ، بزرگداشتن ، قانون ـ فقه: محترم شمردن
- regard, admiration, consideration, deference, esteem, estimation, honour, recognition
- point, aspect, characteristic, detail, feature, matter, particular, sense, way
- relation, bearing, connection, reference, regard
- think highly of, admire, defer to, esteem, have a good or high opinion of, honour, look up to, value
- show consideration for, abide by, adhere to, comply with, follow, heed, honour, obey, observe
Antonyms: scorn, abuse, misuse
Related Words: awe, fear, reverence, adoration, veneration, worship, revere, venerate
English Thesaurus: admire, respect, revere, look up to somebody, think highly of somebody, ...

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Re·spect /rɪˈspekt/
a left-wing political party in England and Wales which was started in January 2004. Its name is made up of the first letters of the words Respect, Equality, Socialism, Peace, Environmentalism, and Trade Unionism. Its supporters include the FILM DIRECTOR Ken Loach and the playwright Harold Pinter. One of the party’s most important members is George Galloway. The party’s full name is Respect – The Unity Coalition.

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I. respect1 S1 W1 /rɪˈspekt/ noun
[Word Family: noun: respectdisrespect, respectability, respecter, respectfulness; adjective: respectable, respected, respectfuldisrespectful, respective; adverb: respectably, respectfullydisrespectfully, respectively; verb: respectdisrespect]
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Latin; Origin: respectus 'act of looking back', from respicere 'to look back, consider', from specere 'to look']

1. ADMIRATION [uncountable] a feeling of admiring someone or what they do, especially because of their personal qualities, knowledge, or skills ⇒ admiration
respect for
I have the greatest respect for Jane’s work.

2. CONSIDERATION [uncountable] the belief that something or someone is important and should not be harmed, treated rudely etc Antonym : disrespect
respect for
Out of respect for the wishes of her family, the affair was not reported in the media.
The boys showed a complete lack of respect for authority.
with respect
Your mother should be treated with respect.

3. with (the greatest) respect/with (all) due respect spoken formal say this before disagreeing with someone when you want to be polite:
With respect, I think you’re wrong.

4. FOR DANGER [singular, uncountable] a careful attitude towards something or someone that could be dangerous
respect for
My fear turned into a respect for the sea.
People should have a healthy respect for alcohol (=a sensible careful attitude towards it).

5. in one respect/in some respects etc used to say that something is true in one way, in some ways etc:
In many respects the new version is not as good as the old one.
Mum is very stubborn, and Kim takes after her in that respect.

6. GREETINGS respects [plural] formal polite greetings
give/send your respects (to somebody)
Give my respects to your wife.
pay your respects (to somebody) British English (=make a polite visit)
I’ve come to pay my respects to Mrs O'Hara.

7. pay your last respects (to somebody) to go to someone’s funeral

8. in respect of something formal concerning or in relation to something:
This is especially true in respect of the UK.

9. with respect to something formal
a) concerning or in relation to something:
the freedom of a property owner to make a contract with respect to his property
b) used to introduce a new subject, or to return to one that has already been mentioned:
With respect to your request, I am not yet able to agree.

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II. respect2 verb [transitive]
[Word Family: noun: respectdisrespect, respectability, respecter, respectfulness; adjective: respectable, respected, respectfuldisrespectful, respective; adverb: respectably, respectfullydisrespectfully, respectively; verb: respectdisrespect]

1. [not in progressive] to admire someone because they have high standards and good qualities such as fairness and honesty ⇒ admire
respect somebody for (doing) something
She respected him for his honesty.
I respect his views, although I do not agree with them.

2. to be careful not to do anything against someone’s wishes, rights etc:
She said she wanted to leave, and her father respected her wishes.
I would like you to respect my privacy.
the need to respect human rights

3. to not break a rule or law:
The President is expected to respect the constitution.

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I. admiration
ADJ. considerable, deep, great | grudging | mutual a relationship based on mutual respect
VERB + RESPECT feel, have, hold sb in She held him in considerable respect.
command, earn (sb), gain (sb), get, inspire, win (sb) a society in which age commands great respect
PREP. ~ for He felt a grudging respect for her talents as an organizer.

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II. polite behaviour/consideration/care
ADJ. great, utmost | due, proper the respect due to his great age
VERB + RESPECT accord sb/sth, pay (sb/sth), show (sb/sth), treat sb/sth with the respect accorded to her memory He treats his grandparents with great respect.
PREP. out of ~ We observed a minute's silence out of respect for the disaster victims.
with ~ With all due respect, I think you've misunderstood what he said. The chainsaw is a dangerous tool?it should be used with respect.
PHRASES a lack of respect to show a lack of respect for authority
a mark/sign/token of respect

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III. detail/point
ADJ. certain | different | crucial, important, significant | material
VERB + RESPECT differ in There was one respect, however, in which they differed.
be alike in, be identical in, be similar in, resemble sth in
PREP. in … ~ (s) The report is accurate in all material respects.
in ~ of (= concerning) A writ was served on the firm in respect of their unpaid bill.
with ~ to (= concerning) The two groups were similar with respect to income and status.
PHRASES in all/many/some respects In many respects she is like her mother.
in every/this respect The marriage was a disaster in every respect.

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I. admire sb/sth
ADV. deeply, greatly, really, very much
PREP. as She is widely respected as a politician.
for She was much respected for her knowledge of herbs.
PHRASES be highly/much/well respected a highly respected doctor
be internationally/universally/widely respected WWF is internationally respected for its conservation work.

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II. pay attention to sth
VERB + RESPECT promise to, undertake to The government has promised to respect human rights.
fail to Her daughters failed to respect her last wishes.
PHRASES a duty to respect sth, failure to respect sth

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have respect for somebody
I have a lot of respect for my boss.
win/earn/gain respect (=start to be respected)
Morris eventually won the respect of his fellow workers.
command respect (=be respected)
Lady Thatcher commanded huge respect from everyone she worked with.
deserve respect
Nurses deserve our respect and admiration.
lose respect for somebody (=no longer respect them)
She had lost all respect for him.
lose sb’s respect (=no longer be respected by them)
Once a child knows you have lied, you will lose their respect.
great respect
Rex and Joe had great respect for his judgement.
the utmost respect
I have the utmost respect for the prime minister.
mutual respect (=when two people respect each other)
Their relationship is based on mutual respect.
grudging respect (=when you respect someone or something unwillingly)
Initially his idea was seen as far-fetched, but gradually it has received grudging respect and support.
show respect
We were taught to show respect for older people.
treat somebody/something with respect
Everyone has a right to be treated with respect.
have respect for somebody/something
These kids have no respect for authority.
get respect (=be treated with respect)
You get more respect if you dress smartly.
proper/due respect (=suitable)
‘I want proper respect,’ said Mother.
deep respect
The islanders have a deep respect for the ocean.
a lack of respect
They blame youth crime on unemployment and lack of respect for the law.
as a mark of respect (=as a sign of respect, especially for someone who has just died)
Flags were flown at half mast as a mark of respect for the dead seamen.

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BAD: They should respect to each other's opinions.
GOOD: They should respect each other's opinions.

Usage Note:
respect sb/sth (WITHOUT to ): 'He's not the most popular teacher, but all the students respect him.' 'She always told us exactly what she thought, and we respected her for that.'

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