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responsibility /rɪˌspɒnsəˈbɪləti, rɪˌspɒnsɪˈbɪləti $ rɪˌspɑːn-/ noun (plural responsibilities)

تکلیف ، مسئولیت ، عهده ، ضمانت ، جوابگویی ، قانون ـ فقه: مسئوولیت ، عهده ، روانشناسی: مسئولیت ، علوم نظامی: وظیفه
کامپیوتر: وظیفه ، مسیولیت

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- authority, importance, power
- fault, blame, culpability, guilt
- duty, care, charge, liability, obligation, onus
- level-headedness, conscientiousness, dependability, rationality, sensibleness, trustworthiness

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responsibility S2 W1 /rɪˌspɒnsəˈbɪləti, rɪˌspɒnsɪˈbɪləti $ rɪˌspɑːn-/ noun (plural responsibilities)
[Word Family: noun: responsibilityirresponsibility; adverb: responsiblyirresponsibly; adjective: responsibleirresponsible]

1. [uncountable] a duty to be in charge of someone or something, so that you make decisions and can be blamed if something bad happens:
Kelly’s promotion means more money and more responsibility.
The Minister has responsibility for the National Health Service.
with responsibility for something
a manager with responsibility for over 100 staff
it is sb’s responsibility to do something
It’s your responsibility to inform us of any changes.

2. [uncountable] blame for something bad that has happened:
The firm is denying all responsibility.
responsibility for
No one wants to take responsibility for the problem.
The surgeon accepted full responsibility for the error that led to her death..
So far no one has claimed responsibility (=said that they are responsible) for the bombings.

3. [countable] something that you must do as part of your job or duty:
My responsibilities include answering the phone and dealing with customer enquiries.
family/professional/parental etc responsibilities
a single parent struggling to balance work and family responsibilities

4. [countable] something that you ought to do because it is morally or socially right Synonym : duty
a responsibility to do something
We all have a responsibility to protect the environment.
Parents need to encourage a sense of responsibility in their children (=the ability to behave sensibly in a way that will not harm themselves or other people).
moral/social/legal etc responsibility
The company saw it as part of its social responsibility to provide education for its workers.

5. responsibility to somebody a duty to help someone because of your work or position in society:
A doctor’s first responsibility is to her patients.

6. do something on your own responsibility formal to do something without being told to do it or officially allowed to do it
diminished responsibility

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I. being responsible
ADJ. full, total | awesome, great, heavy, weighty It is a great responsibility looking after other people's children.
direct | overall | primary | ultimate Ultimate responsibility rests with the prime minister.
special | diminished He was found not guilty of murder on the grounds of diminished responsibility.
sole | collective, joint, shared | individual, personal | ministerial, parental | financial, legal, moral, social
VERB + RESPONSIBILITY have She has responsibility for public transport.
accept, assume, bear, shoulder, take (on/over) The bank refuses to accept responsibility for the mistake. Will you take responsibility for arranging the food?
share | lay, place The government of the time placed responsibility for the poor on the Church.
delegate, devolve, hand over devolving responsibility downwards so decisions are taken nearer to the people they will affect
abdicate, evade, shirk, shift to shift legal responsibility for the correct labelling of goods onto the shopkeeper
admit, claim No organization has yet claimed responsibility for the bomb attack.
deny, disclaim, duck Ducking responsibility is fatal in a democracy.
allocate, assign (sb), give sb | attribute He attributed responsibility for the killing to the secret service.
burden sb with | absolve sb from/of
RESPONSIBILITY + VERB fall on sb, lie/rest with sb
PREP. ~ for Full responsibility for the fiasco lies with the PR department.
~ towards He feels a strong sense of responsibility towards his parents.
PHRASES the age of criminal responsibility, the burden of responsibility The school governors carry a special burden of responsibility.
do sth on your own responsibility (= without being told to and being willing to take the blame if it goes wrong), a position of responsibility, a sense of responsibility

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II. job/duty
ADJ. heavy, onerous | additional, increased | altered | caring, departmental, domestic, family, financial, managerial, ministerial, parental, professional, teaching | contractual, statutory | particular, special
VERB + RESPONSIBILITY have | carry out, discharge, fulfil | accept, face up to, take on, undertake He seems unwilling to face up to his responsibilities as a father. I don't feel ready to take on new responsibilities.
delegate | avoid, evade, shirk | relieve sb of
PREP. ~ for The heads of school departments have particular responsibilities for the curriculum.
~ to/towards The club has a responsibility to its members.
PHRASES duties and responsibilities, rights and responsibilities parental rights and responsibilities

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have responsibility for (doing) something
The Council has responsibility for maintaining the streetlights.
take responsibility for (doing) something
Who do you trust to take responsibility for our country's defence?
take on responsibility (also assume responsibility formal) (=start to have responsibility for something)
These days men tend to take on more responsibility at home.
The government must assume greater responsibility for the care of the elderly.
shoulder responsibility (=agree to start having a difficult or unpleasant duty)
The city, she said, would shoulder responsibility for caring for the children.
shirk responsibility (=not accept a duty you should accept)
He doesn't shirk responsibility.
exercise responsibility formal (=take action because you have responsibility for something)
The citizens of ancient Athens met here to exercise their responsibility to govern themselves.
abdicate responsibility formal (=refuse to have responsibility for something you used to have responsibility for)
The state should not allow parents to abdicate responsibility for their children.
the responsibility lies with somebody (=they are responsible for it)
Ultimate responsibility for admissions lies with the Course Co-ordinator.
personal responsibility
So far, no one had taken personal responsibility for the project.
overall responsibility
The Department of Education has overall responsibility for schools and universities.
direct responsibility (=when no other person is involved)
He has direct responsibility for all the programmes on Radio 1.
sole responsibility (=not shared with others)
The financial director has sole responsibility for financial matters.
collective responsibility (=shared equally by a group of people)
Head teachers should encourage a sense of collective responsibility among teachers.
primary responsibility (=most important responsibility)
I have primary responsibility for the children.
ultimate responsibility (=responsibility for making a final decision)
The National Assembly will have ultimate responsibility for ensuring that health targets are met.
a burden of responsibility (=a lot of responsibility, that worries you)
Being the only wage earner put a great burden of responsibility on my father.
a position of responsibility (=a job in which people depend on you to tell them what they should do)
Before the age of 21 he had attained a position of responsibility in the factory.
accept/take responsibility for something
To his credit, he took responsibility for his actions.
claim responsibility (for something) (=say that you are responsible for something bad)
No group has yet claimed responsibility for the bombings.
deny responsibility for something
The company denied responsibility for the oil spillage.
bear responsibility for something (=be responsible for something bad)
Developed countries must bear much of the responsibility for environmental problems.
full responsibility
The airline accepted full responsibility for the crash.
personal responsibility
I take personal responsibility for what went wrong.

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