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restrained /rɪˈstreɪnd/ adjective

restrain: جلوگیری کردن از ، نگهداشتن ، مهار کردن ، توقیف کردن
Synonyms: controlled, calm, mild, moderate, self-controlled, undemonstrative
Antonyms: unrestrained, extravagant

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restrained /rɪˈstreɪnd/ adjective
[Word Family: verb: restrain; noun: restraint; adjective: restrainedunrestrained]

1. behaviour that is restrained is calm and controlled:
a restrained and cool-headed response to their criticisms

2. not too brightly coloured or decorated:
The interior decoration is quite restrained.

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VERBS be | become
ADV. remarkably, unusually, very I thought she was remarkably restrained in the circumstances.
fairly, quite

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