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revise /rɪˈvaɪz/ verb

بازبینی ، تجدید نظر کردن ، اصلاح نمودن ، دوباره چاپ کردن ، حک و اصلاح کردن ، بازرگانی: تجدید نظر
- change, alter, amend, correct, edit, emend, redo, review, rework, update
- study, go over, run through, swot up (Brit. informal)
Contrasted words: discard, disregard
Related Words: overhaul, reorganize, perfect, polish, upgrade
English Thesaurus: change, alter, adapt, adjust, modify, ...

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revise AC /rɪˈvaɪz/ verb
[Word Family: verb: revise; noun: revision]
[Date: 1500-1600; Language: French; Origin: réviser, from Latin revisere 'to look at again']

1. [transitive] to change something because of new information or ideas:
The college has revised its plans because of local objections.
We have revised our estimates of population growth.
revise something upwards/downwards
Forecasts of economic growth are being revised downwards.

2. [intransitive and transitive] British English to study facts again, in order to learn them before an examination Synonym : review, study American English:
I’ve got to revise my geography.
revise for
She’s revising for her history exam.

3. [transitive] to change a piece of writing by adding new information, making improvements, or correcting mistakes ⇒ amend:
A couple of sections of the book will need to be revised.

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ADV. extensively, drastically, heavily, radically, substantially The text has been quite radically revised.
completely, fully, thoroughly | slightly | constantly, continually The procedures are continually revised?it is very difficult to keep up with the latest version.
periodically | downwards, upwards
VERB + REVISE be forced to, have to The estimate for the building work had to be revised upwards.
be necessary to
PREP. from, to The figure has now been revised from £1 million to £2 million.

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