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rich /rɪtʃ/ adjective (comparative richer, superlative richest)

توانگر ، دولتمند ، گرانبها ، باشکوه ، غنی ، پر پشت ، (درمورد خوراک) زیاده چرب یا شیرین ، علوم هوایی: غنی
- wealthy, affluent, loaded (slang), moneyed, prosperous, well-heeled (informal), well-off, well-to-do
- well-stocked, full, productive, well-supplied
- abundant, abounding, ample, copious, fertile, fruitful, lush, luxurious, plentiful, productive, prolific
- full-bodied, creamy, fatty, luscious, succulent, sweet, tasty
Antonyms: poor, plain
Contrasted words: destitute, indigent, penurious, poverty-stricken, natural, simple, unseasoned
Related Idioms: flush with money, having money to burn, in the money, rich as Croesus, rolling in money
Related Words: comfortable, easy, independent, prosperous, well-fixed, well-heeled, well-off, well-to-do, fat, flush, cloying, oversweet, filling, satiating, sating
English Thesaurus: colour, shade, hue, tint, tone, ...

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rich S2 W2 /rɪtʃ/ adjective (comparative richer, superlative richest)
[Word Family: noun: riches, richness, enrichment, the rich; adjective: rich, enriched; verb: enrich; adverb: richly]
[Language: Old English; Origin: rice]

a) someone who is rich has a lot of money and valuable possessions Antonym : poor:
one of the richest women in America
She found herself a rich husband.
He thought this was the easiest way to get rich.
the rich nations of the world
fabulously rich British English:
She was both beautiful and fabulously rich.
His brother’s stinking rich (=very rich, in a way that you do not approve of).
b) the rich [plural] people who are rich:
houses belonging to the rich and famous

In written English, people sometimes prefer to use affluent rather than rich, because it sounds more formal:
In affluent societies the definition of poverty is relative.

2. LARGE AMOUNT containing a lot of something
rich in
Citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C.
oxygen-rich/nutrient-rich/protein-rich etc
Pregnant women should eat protein-rich foods.
Rich mineral deposits have been found in the sea bed.
Red meat is a rich source of iron.

3. FULL OF INTEREST full of interesting or important facts, events, or ideas:
the rich literary tradition of England
The area has a very rich history.
rich in
a story that was rich in detail

4. FOOD rich food contains a lot of butter, cream, or eggs, which make you feel full very quickly Antonym : light:
a rich fruit cake
The sauce was very rich.

5. SMELL/FLAVOUR a rich smell or flavour is strong and pleasant:
the rich scent of the pine trees
meat with a wonderfully rich flavour
a rich, fruity wine

6. COLOUR a rich colour is strong and attractive:
a rich dark brown colour

7. SOUND a rich sound is low and pleasant:
the rich tone of a cello
He laughed with a rich, throaty chuckle.

8. SOIL rich soil is good for growing plants in Antonym : poor:
Vegetables grow well in the rich, black soil.

9. CLOTH rich cloth is expensive and beautiful:
She stroked the rich velvet of the dress enviously.

10. that’s rich (coming from him/you etc) British English spoken used to say that what someone has said is unreasonable and that they are criticizing you for doing something that they do themselves:
He accused me of being dishonest, which was a bit rich coming from him.

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I. with a lot of money
VERBS be, feel, look | become, get, grow people who want to get rich quickly
make sb This discovery never made her rich.
ADV. enormously, extremely, fabulously, filthy (informal), immensely, incredibly, seriously, stinking (informal), very He's fabulously rich, one of the richest men in the world. It was mean of her only to give £1?she's filthy rich, you know.
quite, relatively | newly a newly rich businessman

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II. containing/providing sth
ADV. especially, exceptionally, extraordinarily, particularly, unusually, very the exceptionally rich fishing grounds of the North Sea
fairly, quite, relatively | potentially | culturally a culturally rich nation
PREP. in Oranges are rich in vitamin C.

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III. of food
ADV. very, wonderfully The sun-dried tomatoes give the dish a wonderfully rich flavour.

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very rich
He is a very rich man.
extremely rich
He came from an extremely rich Viennese family.
immensely rich (=extremely rich)
He was immensely rich and owned two yachts.
fabulously rich (=extremely rich)
She must have been fabulously rich to live in a house like this.
seriously rich (=very rich)
They stand to become seriously rich if the venture succeeds.
stinking/filthy rich disapproving (=very rich)
She was obviously stinking rich.
get rich
They just wanted to get rich.
get rich quick schemes
become rich
Over the years, he became enormously rich.
grow rich (=become rich)
They have grown rich by selling this technology to other companies.
make somebody rich
The trade in tea made the British rich.
the new rich disapproving (=people who have recently become rich and spend a lot of money)
For Russia's new rich, life is a candy store.

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