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role /rəʊl $ roʊl/ noun [countable]

بخش ، طومار ، رل ، وظیفه ، (بازی در تاثر) نقش ، روانشناسی: نقش ، بازرگانی: نقش
مهندسی صنایع: نیروی انسانی: وظیفه - نقش کامپیوتر: نقش

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- job, capacity, duty, function, part, position, post, task
- part, character, portrayal, representation
Related Words: appearance, face, guise, seeming, semblance, show, aspect, look

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role S2 W1 AC /rəʊl $ roʊl/ noun [countable]
[Date: 1600-1700; Language: French; Origin: rôle 'roll, role', from Old French rolle; roll2]

1. the way in which someone or something is involved in an activity or situation, and how much influence they have on it
role in
women’s role in society
the role of diet in the prevention of disease
role of
They want to limit the role of government.

2. the character played by an actor in a play or film Synonym : part
role of
Matthews plays the role of a young doctor suspected of murder.
the lead/leading/starring role (=the most important role)
A young actor named Johnny Depp was given the leading role.
major/minor role
It was Johansson's first major movie role.
the title role (=the role of the character whose name is in the title of a film or play)
The film features Paul Schofield in the title role.

3. role reversal a situation in which two people, especially a man and a woman, each do what is traditionally expected of the other

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I. in a play, film, etc.
ADJ. lead, leading, starring, title | supporting | comic, tragic | cameo | film, television | TV
VERB + ROLE perform, play, take John's playing the leading role in this year's play.
cast sb in | interpret She interprets the role as more tragic than I expected.
PREP. in the ~ (of) He was very good in the role.

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II. position and importance
ADJ. central, crucial, decisive, dominant, essential, fundamental, important, key, leading, major, pivotal, primary, prominent, significant, vital | minor, secondary, subordinate | constructive, full, positive, useful, valuable | active | passive | direct | clear Every member of staff must have a clear role.
traditional | changing | dual, twin She has a dual role as principal and French teacher.
conflicting her conflicting roles as mother and manager of a large company
advisory, consultative, managerial, supervisory | maternal, parental | economic, educational, military, political, social, strategic the economic role of small towns A cup of tea often serves an important social role.
VERB + ROLE have, occupy, perform, play, serve Regional managers occupy a crucial role in developing a strategic framework.
provide (sb/sth with) | adopt, assume, take (on) I've had to take on the role of mother in her absence.
fulfil He really wants to fulfil his role as godfather properly.
cast sb in He has been cast in the role of chief apologist for the government.
find We need to find a useful role for the volunteers in the campaign.
define, redefine a clearly defined role within the group
ROLE + NOUN model | reversal
PREP. in a/the ~ She has joined the team in a consultative role.
~ as the teacher's role as instructor
~ for The new prime minister promised a greater role for women in government.
~ in Pressure groups played a major role in bringing about the reforms.

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play/have a role
He played a prominent role in the company’s success.
take on a role (also assume a role formal) (=start having it)
Mr Jones took on the role of spokesperson for the organization.
take a role
Britain began to take a more active role in the affairs of Europe.
give somebody a role
Health experts should be given a key role in developing the correct procedures.
cast somebody in a role written (=give someone a role, especially one they do not want)
He found himself cast in the role of guide and translator.
an important/major role
She played an important role in her husband’s political career.
a key/central role
The report recognized the key role of teachers.
a vital/crucial/essential role
Every member of the team has a vital role to play.
an active role (=when you do practical things to achieve particular aims)
She took an active role in the community.
a leading role (=the most important role)
They take a leading role in discussions.
a significant role
Technology is already playing a significant role in classroom teaching.
a prominent role
The military has played a prominent role in Burmese politics.
a dual role (=when someone or something does two things)
People have dual roles in society as producers and consumers.
sb’s traditional role (=one based on ideas that have existed for a long time, without changing)
Some women are happy with their traditional role as carers.
play a role
She was the first actress to play the role of Peter Pan.
have a role
His son has a small role in the series.
take a role
In the end, I decided not to take the role.
land a role (=be given a role)
In 1982 he landed a role in the musical 'Destry Rides Again'.
cast somebody in a role (=give them a role)
Television producers would not cast her in lead roles.
a major/big role
It was his first major role.
a minor/small role
He has had small roles in several other films.
the lead/leading role (=the most important role)
He had already cast Tom Hanks in the lead role.
a starring role (=one of the most important roles)
She was offered the starring role in a new British stage comedy.
the title role (=the role of the character whose name is the title of the film or play)
She will play the title role in ‘Emma’ later this year.
a supporting role (=not one of the main roles)
Lee has a supporting role as Judy’s best friend,
a comic role
She admits she is attracted to comic roles.

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