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roll /rəʊl $ roʊl/ verb
roll noun [countable]

نورد کردن ، ناوش ، دوران حول محور طولی ، غلتش ناو ، غلطیدن ناو ، طومار ، لوله ، توپ (پارچه و غیره) ، صورت ، ثبت ، فهرست ، پیچیدن ، چیز پیچیده ، چرخش ، گردش ، نورد ، غلتاندن ، غلت دادن ، غل دادن ، غلتک زدن ، گردکردن ، بدوران انداختن ، غلتیدن ، غلت خوردن ، گشتن ، تراندن ، تردادن ، تلاطم داشتن ، علوم مهندسی: نورد ، قانون ـ فقه: فهرست ، بازرگانی: طاقه ، ورزش: چرخش نیمدایره روی یک پا و بعد روی پای دیگر ، چرخش توپ والیبال ، علوم هوایی: غلطش ، علوم نظامی: انحراف به چپ یا راست ، علوم دریایی: ناویدن

: roll (to)

نورد زدن ، غلطیدن ، معماری: نوردکاری
مهندسی صنایع: نورد ، غلتک ، رول کامپیوتر: غلتک ، نور

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- turn, go round, revolve, rotate, spin, swivel, trundle, twirl, wheel, whirl
- wind, bind, enfold, envelop, furl, swathe, wrap
- flow, run, undulate
- level, even, flatten, press, smooth
- tumble, lurch, reel, rock, sway, toss
- turn, cycle, reel, revolution, rotation, spin, twirl, wheel, whirl
- register, census, index, list, record
- rumble, boom, reverberation, roar, thunder
English Thesaurus: push, shove, stuff, poke, nudge, ...

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I. roll1 S1 W2 /rəʊl $ roʊl/ verb
[Word Family: verb: roll, unroll; noun: roll, roller; adjective: rolling]
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old French; Origin: roller, from Vulgar Latin rotulare, from Latin rotula; roll2]

1. ROUND OBJECT [intransitive always + adverb/preposition, transitive] if something rolls, especially something round, or if you roll it, it moves along a surface by turning over and over
roll down/into/through etc
The ball rolled into the street.
One of the eggs rolled off the counter.
roll something along/in/onto etc something
Roll the chicken breasts in flour.

2. PERSON/ANIMAL [intransitive, transitive always + adverb/preposition] (also roll over) to turn your body over one or more times while lying down, or to turn someone else’s body over
roll down/onto/off etc
The children rolled down the hill, laughing.
Ralph rolled onto his stomach.
roll somebody onto/off something
I tried to roll him onto his side.

3. SHAPE OF TUBE/BALL [transitive] (also roll up) to make something into the shape of a tube or ball
roll something into a ball/tube
Roll the dough into small balls.
Would you like the paper rolled or folded?

4. MAKE SOMETHING FLAT [transitive] to make something flat by rolling something heavy over it ⇒ rolling pin:
Pizza dough should be rolled thinly.

5. CLOTHES [transitive] (also roll up) to fold the sleeves or legs of something that you are wearing upwards, so that they are shorter:
His sleeves were rolled above his elbows.

6. SOMETHING WITH WHEELS [intransitive, transitive always + adverb/preposition] to move on wheels, or make something that has wheels move
roll into/forwards/past etc
Her car was slowly rolling away from the curb.
roll something to/around etc something
The waitress rolled the dessert trolley over to our table.

7. DROP OF LIQUID [intransitive always + adverb/preposition] to move over a surface smoothly without stopping
roll down/onto etc
Tears rolled down her cheeks.

8. WAVES/CLOUDS [intransitive always + adverb/preposition] to move continuously in a particular direction
roll into/towards etc
Mist rolled in from the sea.
We watched the waves rolling onto the beach.

9. GAME [intransitive and transitive] if you roll dice, you throw them as part of a game

10. SOUND [intransitive] if drums or thunder roll, they make a long low series of sounds:
Thunder rolled in the distance.

11. MACHINE/CAMERA [intransitive] if a machine such as a film camera or a printing press rolls, it operates:
There was silence as the cameras started to roll.

12. SHIP/PLANE [intransitive] if a ship or plane rolls, it leans one way and then another with the movement of the water or air

13. CIGARETTE [transitive] to make your own cigarette, using tobacco or marijuana and special paper ⇒ roll-up:
Ben rolled a joint (=a cigarette containing marijuana) and lit it.
It’s cheaper to roll your own (=make your own cigarettes).

14. SHOULDERS [transitive] to move your shoulders forward, up, and back down:
He rolled his shoulders back.

15. EYES [transitive] to move your eyes around and up, especially in order to show that you are annoyed or think something is silly:
Lucy rolled her eyes as Tom sat down beside her.

16. ATTACK [transitive] American English informal to rob someone, especially when they are drunk and asleep:
Kids on the streets rolled drunks for small change.

17. (all) rolled into one if someone or something is several different things rolled into one, they include or do the work of all those things:
Mum was cook, chauffeur, nurse, and entertainer all rolled into one.

18. get (something) rolling to start happening or make something start happening in a smooth and successful way:
The business didn’t really get rolling until 1975.
Have a good breakfast to get your day rolling.

19. be rolling in money/dough/cash/it to have or earn a lot of money:
‘He’s rolling in it,’ said the girl, pointing at Lewis.

20. be rolling in the aisles if people in a theatre, cinema etc are rolling in the aisles, they are laughing a lot

21. be ready to roll spoken to be ready to start doing something:
The car was packed and we were ready to roll.

22. let’s roll spoken used to suggest to a group of people that you all begin doing something or go somewhere

23. roll with the punches to deal with problems or difficulties by doing whatever you need to do, rather than by trying only one method:
Strong industries were able to roll with the punches during the recession.

24. roll on something British English spoken used to say that you wish a time or event would come quickly:
Roll on the weekend!

25. roll your r’s to pronounce the sound /r/ using your tongue in a way that makes the sound very long

26. a rolling stone gathers no moss used to say that someone who often changes jobs, moves to different places etc is not able to have any permanent relationships or duties
set/start/keep the ball rolling at ball1(5), ⇒ heads will roll at head1(36), ⇒ let the good times roll at let1(20)

6. roll up! British English spoken used to call people to come and watch or buy things at a circus or fair

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II. roll2 noun [countable]
[Word Family: verb: roll, unroll; noun: roll, roller; adjective: rolling]
[Sense 1-3, 6: Date: 1100-1200; Language: Old French; Origin: rolle 'rolled-up document', from Latin rotula, from rota; rotate]
[Sense 4-5, 7-10: Date: 1600-1700; Origin: roll1]

1. PAPER/FILM/MONEY ETC a piece of paper, camera film, money etc that has been rolled into the shape of a tube
roll of
I used up three rolls of film on holiday.
There’s a new roll of silver foil in there.
wallpaper costing £3 a rollkitchen roll, toilet roll

2. BREAD a small round loaf of bread for one person ⇒ bun:
hot soup served with crusty rolls
bread rolls with butter
ham/cheese etc roll British English (=one that is filled with ham, cheese etc)

3. LIST OF NAMES an official list of names Synonym : register
on the roll British English:
a school with 300 pupils on the roll
call/take the roll (=say the list of names to check who is there)
The teacher called the roll.
Three senators missed the roll call.
the electoral roll British English the (voter) rolls American English (=a list of the people who are allowed to vote)
welfare rolls American English (=a list of people without jobs who claim money from the state)
Thompson said he had cut welfare rolls by 39%.roll of honour, honor roll

4. be on a roll informal to be having a lot of success with what you are trying to do:
Midvale High was on a roll, having won their last six basketball games.

5. GAME the action of throwing dice as part of a game:
If you get a 7 or 11 on your first roll, you win.

6. SKIN/FAT a thick layer of skin or fat, usually just below your waist
roll of
the rolls of fat on her stomach

a) British English a movement in which you roll forward or back in a controlled way with your body curled so that your head is near your feet, often done as part of a sport Synonym : somersault:
a forward roll
gymnasts doing rolls and handsprings
b) especially British English the action of turning your body over one or more times while lying down:
a young horse having a roll in the field

8. DRUMS/GUNS/THUNDER a long low fairly loud sound made by drums etc:
There was a roll of thunder, and the rain started pelting down.
a drum roll

9. SHIP/PLANE the movement of a ship or plane when it leans from side to side with the movement of the water or air

10. a roll in the hay old-fashioned informal when you have sex with someone – used humorously
rock 'n' roll, sausage roll, spring roll, Swiss roll

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I. bread
ADJ. bread | crusty, soft | brown, white, wholemeal | buttered, filled | ham, cheese, etc.

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II. list of names
ADJ. falling Falling rolls could lead to smaller class sizes.
ADJ. electoral, membership, school
VERB + ROLL strike sb off, remove sb from He should be struck off the roll of solicitors.
call, take The chairman called the roll (= to see if everyone was present).
ROLL + NOUN call Staff evacuated the building and a roll call was taken outside.
PREP. on (the) ~ The local authority has 50,000 pupils on roll. There are 340 children on the school roll.
PHRASES a roll of honour Her name was engraved on sport's roll of honour.

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I. move by turning over
ADV. slowly | around, away, back, forward, over rolling over and over in the mud
PREP. down A tear rolled slowly down her cheek.

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II. make sth into the shape of a ball/tube
ADV. tightly She carried the magazine tightly rolled up in her hand.
PREP. into He rolled the paper into a tight ball.

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III. of a ship/plane
ADV. heavily | to and fro The ship was rolling heavily to and fro.

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See: get the ball rolling , keep the ball rolling , rock 'n' roll ot rock and roll

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