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romantic /rəʊˈmæntɪk, rə- $ roʊ, rə-/ adjective

تصوری ، خیالی ، واهی ، غیر ممکن ، غریب ، ورزش: رومانتیک
- loving, amorous, fond, passionate, sentimental, tender
- idealistic, dreamy, impractical, starry-eyed, unrealistic
- exciting, colourful, fascinating, glamorous, mysterious
- idealist, dreamer, sentimentalist
Antonyms: unromantic, matter-of-fact
Related Words: fanciful, fantastic, imaginary, quixotic, visionary, created, invented

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I. romantic1 /rəʊˈmæntɪk, rə- $ roʊ, rə-/ adjective
[Word Family: noun: romance, romantic, romanticism; verb: romance, romanticize; adjective: romanticUNROMANTIC, romanticized; adverb: romantically]
[Date: 1600-1700; Language: French; Origin: romantique, from Old French romans; romance1]

1. SHOWING LOVE showing strong feelings of love:
‘Tom always sends me red roses on my birthday.’ ‘How romantic!’

2. RELATING TO LOVE relating to feelings of love or a loving relationship:
After dinner, they took a romantic stroll by the sea.
real old-fashioned romantic love
I’m not ready for a romantic relationship.

3. STORY/FILM a romantic story or film is about love:
a romantic comedy

4. BEAUTIFUL beautiful in a way that affects your emotions and makes you think of love or adventure:
romantic music
The castle is set in one of England’s most romantic landscapes.

5. NOT PRACTICAL romantic ideas are not practical or not based on reality Antonym : realistic
romantic notion/view/idea etc
romantic notions about becoming a famous actress
Like many New Yorkers, he had a romantic image of country life.

6. Romantic art/literature etc art or literature that is based on the ideas of romanticism
—romantically /-kli/ adverb

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II. romantic2 noun [countable]
[Word Family: noun: romance, romantic, romanticism; verb: romance, romanticize; adjective: romanticUNROMANTIC, romanticized; adverb: romantically]

1. someone who shows strong feelings of love and likes doing things that are related to love such as buying flowers, presents etc

2. someone who is not practical, and bases their ideas too much on an imagined idea of the world Antonym : realist:
a romantic who longed for adventure

3. (also Romantic) a writer, painter etc whose work is based on romanticism

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I. showing/causing feelings of love
VERBS be, feel, seem, sound | become, get You're getting quite romantic in your old age!
ADV. extremely, incredibly, intensely, terribly, very, wildly, wonderfully | not at all | quite, rather

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II. imaginative and emotional, not realistic
VERBS be, seem
ADV. extremely, highly, very highly romantic notions of honour
hopelessly, ridiculously Their dreams of love and marriage are hopelessly romantic.

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ADJ. great, true | old | incurable
PHRASES be a romantic at heart

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