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rush /rʌʃ/ verb

یورش کردن ، حمله کردن ، (گ.ش). نی بوریا ، بوریا ، انواع گیاهان خانواده سمار ، یک پر کاه ، جزئی ، حمله ، یورش ، حرکت شدید ، ازدحام مردم ، جوی ، جویبار ، هجوم بردن ، برسر چیزی پریدن ، کاری را با عجله و اشتیاق انجام دادن ، علوم نظامی: هجوم با عجله
- hurry, bolt, career, dash, fly, hasten, race, run, shoot, speed, tear
- push, hurry, hustle, press
- attack, charge, storm
- hurry, charge, dash, haste, race, scramble, stampede, surge
- attack, assault, charge, onslaught
- hasty, fast, hurried, quick, rapid, swift, urgent
Related Idioms: go off half-cocked, not look before one leaps
Related Words: hasten, hurry, speed, dart, fly, scud, break
English Thesaurus: hurry, rush, dash, in a hurry/in a rush, get a move on/get moving, ...

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I. rush1 S2 W3 /rʌʃ/ verb
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old French; Origin: ruser 'to drive back, deceive', from Latin recusare; RECUSE]

1. MOVE QUICKLY [intransitive always + adverb/preposition] to move very quickly, especially because you need to be somewhere very soon Synonym : hurry:
A small girl rushed past her.
Mo rushed off down the corridor.

2. rush to do something to do something very quickly and without delay:
I rushed to pack my suitcase before she came back.
He rushed to help his comrade.

3. DO SOMETHING TOO QUICKLY [intransitive and transitive] to do or decide something too quickly, especially so that you do not have time to do it carefully or well:
He does not intend to rush his decision.
rush into
I’m not rushing into marriage again.
rush through
She rushed through her script.
rush it/things
When we first met, neither of us wanted to rush things.

4. TAKE/SEND URGENTLY [transitive always + adverb/preposition] to take or send someone or something somewhere very quickly, especially because of an unexpected problem
rush somebody/something to something
The Red Cross rushed medical supplies to the war zone.
Dan was rushed to hospital with serious head injuries.

5. MAKE SOMEBODY HURRY [transitive] to try to make someone do something more quickly than they want to:
I’m sorry to rush you, but we need a decision by Friday.
rush somebody into (doing) something
They felt they were being rushed into choosing a new leader.

6. LIQUID [intransitive always + adverb/preposition] if water or another liquid rushes somewhere, it moves quickly:
Water rushed through the gorge.

7. BLOOD blood rushes to sb’s face/cheeks used to say that someone’s face becomes red because they feel embarrassed:
I felt the blood rush to my face as I heard my name.

8. ATTACK [transitive] to attack a person or place suddenly and in a group:
They rushed the guard and stole his keys.

a) [transitive] to give parties for students, have meetings etc, in order to decide whether to let them join your fraternity or sorority (=type of club)
b) [intransitive and transitive] to go through the process of trying to be accepted into one of these clubs

10. AMERICAN FOOTBALL [intransitive and transitive] to carry the ball forward

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II. rush2 noun
[Sense 1-6, 7-8: Date: 1300-1400; Origin: rush1]
[Sense 6: Language: Old English; Origin: risc]

1. FAST MOVEMENT [singular] a sudden fast movement of things or people
rush of air/wind/water
She felt a cold rush of air as she wound down her window.
in a rush
Her words came out in a rush.
At five past twelve there was a mad rush to the dinner hall.

2. HURRY [singular, uncountable] a situation in which you need to hurry:
I knew there would be a last-minute rush to meet the deadline.
Don’t worry, there’s no rush. We don’t have to be at the station until 10.
do something in a rush (=do something quickly because you need to hurry)
I had to do my homework in a rush because I was late.
be in a rush
I’m sorry, I can’t talk now – I’m in a rush.

3. BUSY PERIOD the rush the time in the day, month, year etc when a place or group of people is particularly busy ⇒ peak:
The café is quiet until the lunchtime rush begins.
the Christmas rushrush hour

4. PEOPLE WANTING SOMETHING [singular] a situation in which a lot of people suddenly try to do or get something
rush on
There’s always a rush on swimsuits in the hot weather.
rush to do something
the rush to put computers in all schoolsgold rush

5. FEELING [singular]
a) informal a sudden strong, usually pleasant feeling that you get from taking a drug or from doing something exciting ⇒ high:
The feeling of power gave me such a rush.
an adrenalin rush
b) rush of anger/excitement/gratitude etc a sudden very strong feeling of anger etc:
I felt a rush of excitement when she arrived.
A rush of jealousy swept through her.

6. PLANT [countable usually plural] a type of tall grass that grows in water, often used for making baskets

7. FILM rushes [plural] the first prints of a film before it has been edited Synonym : dailies American English

8. AMERICAN STUDENTS [uncountable] American English the time when students in American universities who want to join a fraternity or sorority (=type of club) go to a lot of parties in order to try to be accepted:
rush week

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I. sudden quick movement
ADJ. headlong, sudden
PREP. ~ for The film ended, and there was a rush for the exits.
~ of A rush of water came from the burst pipe.

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II. busy period
ADJ. awful, great, mad, tearing | sudden | last-minute | Christmas
RUSH + NOUN decision | job You can see that the painting was a rush job.
hour During the rush hour the journey may take up to twice as long.
PREP. in a ~ I've been in a mad rush all day.
~ for a last-minute rush for tickets
~ of a sudden rush of tourist traffic
PHRASES have a rush on We've had a rush on at the office, dealing with the backlog of orders.

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ADV. headlong, madly a train rushing headlong down the track
immediately | suddenly | about, around, back, home, in, off, out, over, past She was rushing around madly looking for her bag.
PREP. along, from, into, out of, through, to, etc. A surge of joy rushed through her body. He was rushed to hospital.
PHRASES come/go rushing Two men came rushing into the room.
rush to sb's/the rescue Whenever her little brother was upset, Jane rushed to the rescue.

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See: bum's rush

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