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scared /skeəd $ skerd/ adjective

scare: ترساندن ، چشم زهره گرفتن ، هراسانده ، گریزاندن ، ترسیدن ، هراس کردن ، بیم ، خوف ، رمیدگی ، رم ، هیبت ، محل هراسناک
Synonyms: frightened, fearful, panicky, panic-stricken, petrified, shaken, startled, terrified
Antonyms: unafraid, unscared
Contrasted words: emboldened, heartened, reassured, aggressive, bold
Related Words: startled, panicked, panicky, terror-stricken
English Thesaurus: frightened, scared, afraid, alarmed, fearful, ...

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scared S3 /skeəd $ skerd/ adjective
[Word Family: adjective: scared, scary; verb: scare; noun: scare]
frightened of something, or nervous about something Synonym : afraid:
At first, he was really scared.
scared of (doing) something
I’ve always been scared of dogs.
Don’t be scared of asking for help.
scared (that)
I wanted to ask her out, but was scared that she might refuse.
scared to do something
The boys were scared to cross the street.
scared stiff/scared to death/scared out of your wits (=extremely frightened)
I was scared stiff at the thought of making a speech.

Scared is slightly informal. In written English, people usually prefer to use afraid or frightened:
Many generations have been afraid of nuclear power.

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VERBS be, be running (figurative), feel, look, seem, sound They had their opponent running scared.
ADV. dead, downright, extremely, really, shit (taboo), very | a bit, a little, pretty, quite, rather | just, plain He wasn't ill, Sophie decided. He was just plain scared.
PREP. about It's only a little injection. It's nothing to be scared about.
at feeling a little scared at the thought of the operation
of I'm really scared of heights.
PHRASES scared out of your wits, scared stiff (informal), scared to death (informal)

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very/really scared
By this time I was feeling really scared.
quite scared
Some of the children were quite scared.
a bit/little scared
I was always a little scared of my father.
feel scared
She was beginning to feel a bit scared.
look scared
What’s the matter? You look scared.
get scared (=start to feel scared)
It was now completely dark and I was getting scared.
scared to death (=extremely scared)
He looked scared to death.
scared stiff informal (=extremely scared)
I was scared stiff of going down those cellar steps.
scared witless/out of your wits informal (=extremely scared)
She admitted she was scared witless.
be running scared (=feel scared, especially because someone might catch you or defeat you)
The opposition were running scared.

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