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search /sɜːtʃ $ sɜːrtʃ/ noun
search verb

تجسس کردن ، تفتیش کردن وارسی کردن ، وارسی ، تلاش ، بررسی و شناسایی زمین ، مراقبت کردن از زمین ، کاوش کردن زمین ، شناسایی کردن ، تجسس ، تکاپو ، کاوش ، جستجو کردن ، گشتن ، بازرسی کردن ، کامپیوتر: جستجو کردن ، قانون ـ فقه: تفتیش ، بررسی خریدار ملک جهت اطلاع از اشکالات احتمالی مربوط به مبیع ، علوم نظامی: درو در عمق با اتش
الکترونیک: جستجو ، جستجو کردن ، کامپیوتر: تفتیش ، فقهی: تجسس کردن ، تجسس ، تفتیش کردن وارسی کردن ، وارسی ، بررسی خریدار ملک جهت اطلاع از اشکالات احتمالی مربوط به مبیع ، حقوق: تلاش ، جستجو ، بررسی و شناسایی زمین ، جستجو کردن ، مراقبت کردن از زمین ، بازرسی کردن ، کاوش کردن زمین ، شناسایی کردن ، درو در عمق با اتش ، توپخانه ، : علوم نظامی: جستجو، تجسس ، تکاپو، بازرسی ، کاوش ، جستجو کردن ، گشتن ، بازرسی کردن کامپیوتر: جستجو کردن کامپیوتر: پیدا کردن ، کلید اجرا = F3

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- look, comb, examine, explore, hunt, inspect, investigate, ransack, scour, scrutinize
- look, examination, exploration, hunt, inspection, investigation, pursuit, quest
Related Idioms: search high and low
Related Words: run down, scout (around), scrimmage, skirmish, check, examine, inspect, look over, scan, scrutinize, study
English Thesaurus: search, look for somebody/something, try to find somebody/something, seek, hunt, ...

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I. search1 S3 W2 /sɜːtʃ $ sɜːrtʃ/ noun
[Word Family: noun: search, research, researcher; verb: search, research; adverb: searchingly; adjective: searching]

1. [countable usually singular] an attempt to find someone or something
search for
Bad weather is hampering the search for survivors.
search of
Two more bodies were found after a search of the woods.

2. [countable] a series of actions done by a computer to find information
search of
a computerized search of 10,000 medical journals
A search found 46 websites.
an online search
perform/run/do a search
Do a search on ‘rabbit’ and see what it brings up.

3. in search of something looking for something:
Mark went in search of water.

4. [singular] an attempt to find an explanation or solution
search for
the search for a cure

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II. search2 W3 verb
[Word Family: noun: search, research, researcher; verb: search, research; adverb: searchingly; adjective: searching]
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old French; Origin: cerchier 'to go around, examine, search', from Late Latin circare 'to go around', from Latin circum 'around']

1. LOOKING [intransitive and transitive] to try to find someone or something by looking very carefully:
It was too dark to search further.
The area was thoroughly searched.
search for
An RAF plane searched for the missing men.
I’ve searched high and low (=everywhere) for my glasses.
search something for something
Detectives are searching the yard for clues.
search in/under/through etc
Alice bent to search through a heap of clothes.

2. COMPUTER [transitive] to use a computer to find information
search something for something
Search the Web for cheap flights.

3. PERSON [transitive] if someone in authority searches you or the things you are carrying, they look for things you might be hiding
search somebody for something
He was searched by the guards for weapons.

4. SOLUTION [intransitive] to try to find an explanation or solution
search for
Scientists are still searching for a cure.
She paused, searching for inspiration.

5. search me! spoken used to tell someone that you do not know the answer to a question:
‘Where is she?’ ‘Search me!’

6. EXAMINE [transitive] to examine something carefully in order to find something out, decide something etc:
Anya searched his face anxiously.
—searcher noun [countable]

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ADJ. careful, exhaustive, extensive, painstaking, systematic, thorough | major, massive, nationwide | desperate, frantic | constant | police | routine Police conducted a routine search of all the houses in the area.
house-to-house | fingertip A team of police officers did a fingertip search of the area.
body, strip I was subjected to a body search by customs officials.
computer, Internet
VERB + SEARCH begin, launch, mount, start The police immediately launched a nationwide search for the killer.
carry out, conduct, do, make The search for the missing men was conducted in poor weather conditions.
abandon, call off The search was called off when it began to get dark.
SEARCH + NOUN operation The police mounted an extensive search operation.
party, team | warrant | engine This is one of the fastest Internet search engines.
PREP. in ~ of We're constantly in search of new talent.
~ for the search for oil off the coast

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ADV. thoroughly The area has been thoroughly searched.
carefully, diligently, painstakingly | systematically | actively actively searching for something to keep the conversation going
eagerly | desperately, frantically | in vain | aimlessly For the rest of the morning he searched aimlessly through the town.
constantly | around/round I searched around for a thick stick.
PREP. among We searched among the rocks for crabs.
for Police are still searching for the missing child.
in He searched in his pocket and found a few coins.
through searching through a drawer
PHRASES search far and wide, search sth from top to bottom We searched the house from top to bottom.
search high and low I have searched high and low and cannot find them.

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carry out a search (also conduct a search formal)
Police have carried out a search of his home.
launch/mount a search (=start a search)
A massive search was launched for the former soldier.
call off/abandon a search
They called off the search when it got dark.
a thorough/careful search
We conducted a thorough search of the building.
a painstaking search (=a very careful search)
Police officers carried out a painstaking search of the area around the house.
a systematic search (=one done in an organized way)
They set about a systematic search of the ship.
a desperate/frantic search
After the war, many people returned to rural areas in a desperate search for food.
a fruitless search (=an unsuccessful one)
I spent many hours in a fruitless search for accommodation.
a police search
Her disappearance sparked a massive police search.
a nationwide search (=in every part of a country)
Kim was missing for two months, prompting a nationwide search.
a house-to-house search (=a search of every house or building in an area)
Police are conducting house-to-house searches in the area where the girl disappeared.
a fingertip search British English (=a careful search for clues by police officers)
Police have started a fingertip search of the area and appealed for witnesses.
the search is on (=people are trying to find someone or something)
The search is on for someone with the same blood type.
a search is underway (=it has started)
A search is underway for two walkers in the Cairngorm mountains.
the search area
The search area has now been widened.

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BAD: Rescue teams are still searching survivors.
GOOD: Rescue teams are still searching for survivors.
BAD: I searched my passport everywhere but couldn't find it.
GOOD: I searched for my passport everywhere but couldn't find it.

Usage Note:
search = (1) examine someone's clothing or pockets to discover whether they are carrying a gun, drugs, stolen goods etc: 'They searched him twice but didn't find anything.' (2) examine an area/house/cupboard etc carefully to try to find someone or something: 'I've searched the whole house from top to bottom.'
search for = try to find someone or something, especially by looking everywhere very carefully: 'We spent the whole morning searching for the ring.' 'At this time of the year, thousands of school leavers are searching for jobs.'

BAD: I decided to search for another hotel further down the road.
GOOD: I decided to look for another hotel further down the road.

Usage Note:
Use search for (and seek ) only when someone or something is very difficult to find: 'Investigators are still searching for clues as to the cause of the crash.'
Otherwise, use look for : 'I'll stay here with the bags while you go and look for a taxi.' 'If you're looking for some new shoes, you should try Clinkard's.'

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See: in search of

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