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season /ˈsiːzən/ noun

فصل مسابقه ها ، فصل ، فرصت ، هنگام ، دوران ، چاشنی زدن ، ادویه زدن ، معتدل کردن ، خودادن ، علوم مهندسی: خشک کردن ، معماری: فصل ، زیست شناسی: فصل ، بازرگانی: فصل ، ورزش: فصل ازاد شکار یا ماهیگیری
- period, spell, term, time
- flavour, enliven, pep up, salt, spice
Related Words: period, term, discipline, school, train, fit, prepare, case harden, steel
English Thesaurus: beat, defeat, trounce, thrash, wipe the floor with somebody, ...

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Season, the
London Season

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I. season1 S2 W1 /ˈsiːzən/ noun
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old French; Origin: saison, from Latin satio 'act of planting seeds', from serere 'to sow']

1. TIME OF YEAR [countable] one of the main periods into which a year is divided, each of which has a particular type of weather. The seasons are spring, summer, autumn, and winter:
the effect on plants as the seasons start to change

2. USUAL TIME FOR SOMETHING [countable usually singular] a period of time in a year during which a particular activity takes place, or during which something usually happens:
the first game of the season
the football/cricket etc season
the end of the football season
the racing/fishing/hunting etc season
The racing season starts in June.
Some footpaths are closed during the shooting season.
out of season (=when an activity is not allowed)
He was caught fishing out of season.
season for
The season for strawberries (=when they are available to buy) usually starts in early June.
the rainy/wet/dry season (=the time when it rains a lot or does not rain at all)
African rivers turn to hard mud during the dry season.
the growing/planting etc season
The planting season is in spring, with harvest in the fall.

3. HOLIDAY [singular, uncountable] the time of the year when most people take their holidays
high/peak season (=the busiest part of this time)
There are two boat trips a day, more in high season.
low/off season (=the least busy part of this time)
An off-season break costs £114.
out of season
It’s quieter out of season.
tourist season (also holiday season )British English:
We arrived at the height of the tourist season (=the busiest time).
the holiday season American English (=Thanksgiving to New Year, including Christmas, Hanukkah etc)
the festive season British English (=Christmas and New Year)

4. FASHION [singular] the time in each year when new styles of clothes, hair etc are produced and become fashionable:
This season’s look is fresh and natural.

5. be in/out of season vegetables and fruit that are in season are cheap and easily available because it is the time of year when they are ready to eat. If they are out of season, they are expensive or not available:
Vine tomatoes are in season from April to October.

6. FILMS, PLAYS ETC [countable usually singular] a series of films, plays, television programmes etc that are shown during a particular period of time
season of
a new season of comedy on BBC1
summer/fall etc season
The network has several new dramas lined up for the fall season.
Glyndebourne’s season opens with a performance of Tosca.

7. ANIMALS [singular] the time of the year when animals are ready to have sex
the mating/breeding season
Their dog was coming into season.

8. season’s greetings written used on cards to tell someone you hope they have a happy Christmas, Hanukkah etc

9. the season of goodwill old-fashioned the time around Christmas
close season, open season, silly season

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II. season2 verb [transitive]
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old French; Origin: assaisoner 'to ripen, season', from saison; season1]

1. to add salt, pepper etc to food you are cooking
season something with something
Season the chicken with pepper.
Mix and season to taste (=add the amount of salt etc that you think tastes right).

2. to prepare wood for use by gradually drying it

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I. of the year
ADJ. dry, monsoon, rainy, wet In this climate there are no real changes of temperature, just a wet and a dry season.
summer, winter, etc.
VERB + SEASON be in, come into Melons are just coming into season.
be out of, go out of

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II. period when an activity takes place
ADJ. holiday, tourist | high, peak The resort gets overcrowded in peak season.
low, off The hotel is almost empty in the off season.
breeding, mating | growing, planting | lambing | cricket, football, hunting, racing, etc. | championship, league | gruelling, hard It was the final race of a hard season.
successful | disappointing, disastrous | close The team trained hard during the close season and won its first five matches.
consecutive, successive Our team won the trophy for the second successive season.
Christmas, festive best wishes for the festive season
SEASON + NOUN ticket Season ticket holders do not have to queue.
PHRASES the height of the season
have ~
   Perhaps we will have a good summer this year.
spend summer/winter
   I spent the winter indoors.
~ approach
   The days become shorter and temperatures drop as autumn approaches.
~ arrive, begin, come
   Autumn arrived early that year.
winter sets in
   The aid must reach the refugees before winter sets in.
summer/winter pass, wear on, (come to an) end
   As the summer wore on food became scarce.
~ months
summer/winter period
spring/summer/winter time (also springtime, etc.)
   The museum is open daily during the summer months.
   It was springtime and the slopes were ablaze with almond blossoms.

~ day/morning/night, etc.
   It's hard to sleep on hot summer nights.
during/in (the) ~
   The wood is carpeted with bluebells in spring.
over the summer/winter
   The repairs will be carried out over the summer.

through/throughout (the) ~
   The meat is salted so it keeps through the winter.
for (the) ~
   She's gone to Ireland for the summer.
the ~ of 2001, etc.
   The winter of 2001 was especially cold.
a summer's/winter's day/morning/night, etc.
   a lazy summer's day
all summer/winter long
   It rained all summer long.
the height of summer
the depths of winter

   He always wore a short-sleeved shirt, even in the depths of winter.

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ADV. well
PREP. with Season the meat well with salt and pepper.
PHRASES highly seasoned highly seasoned food

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a good/successful season
The club has had another successful season.
a poor/disappointing season
It's been a disappointing season for Arsenal.
the football/cricket etc season
The football season will be starting soon.
the hunting/shooting/fishing season
Autumn was traditionally the hunting season.
the holiday season (=when most people go on holiday)
The roads are always busy during the holiday season.
the tourist season (=when a lot of tourists visit an area)
It's almost impossible to get a hotel room in the tourist season.
the rainy/wet/dry season (=when the weather is rainy, wet, dry etc)
In the rainy season, roads became a quagmire.
the growing/planting etc season (=for growing or planting crops)
The growing season is short in these mountainous areas.
the festive season (=the period around Christmas)
More people are choosing to go abroad for the festive season.

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