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secure /sɪˈkʊə $ -ˈkjʊr/ adjective

محکم نگهداشتن ، به دست اوردن ، خاطر جمع مطمئن ، تامین شده ، تصرف کردن ، گرفتن هدف ، تامین کردن هدف ، ایمن ، بی خطر ، مطمئن ، استوار ، محکم ، درامان ، حفظ کردن ، محفوظ داشتن ، تامین کردن ، امن ، علوم مهندسی: محکم ، قانون ـ فقه: تامین کردن ، علوم نظامی: به دست اوردن
کامپیوتر: امن بودن

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- safe, immune, protected, unassailable
- sure, assured, certain, confident, easy, reassured
- fixed, fast, fastened, firm, immovable, stable, steady
- obtain, acquire, gain, get, procure, score (slang)
- fasten, attach, bolt, chain, fix, lock, make fast, tie up
Antonyms: insecure
Contrasted words: open, wide-open, assailable, weak, dangerous, precarious, unbalanced, unstable, wobbly, unfasten, untie
Related Words: firm, stable, strong, iron, established, settled, balanced, underwrite, batten (down), clamp, clinch, pinion, rivet, tie down, cement
English Thesaurus: safe, secure, well protected, out of harm’s way, OK/all right, ...

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I. secure1 S3 W3 AC /sɪˈkʊə $ -ˈkjʊr/ adjective
[Word Family: verb: secure; noun: securityinsecurity; adverb: securelyinsecurely; adjective: secureinsecure]
[Date: 1500-1600; Language: Latin; Origin: securus, from se 'without' + cura 'care']

1. PERMANENT/CERTAIN a situation that is secure is one that you can depend on because it is not likely to change Antonym : insecure:
There are no secure jobs these days.
We want a secure future for our children.
United’s position at the top of the league seems relatively secure.

2. PLACE/BUILDING locked or guarded so that people cannot get in or out or steal anything:
The house isn’t very secure – we need some new locks.
Keep your passport in a secure place.
secure accommodation British English (=a type of prison)
In the last year, only three children under the age of 14 have had to be placed in secure accommodation.

3. SAFE FROM HARM safe from and protected against damage or attack:
Companies can offer secure credit card transactions over the Internet.
secure from
These elephants are relatively secure from poachers.

4. CONFIDENT feeling confident about yourself and your abilities Antonym : insecure:
We want our children to be secure and feel good about themselves.

5. NOT WORRIED feeling confident and certain about a situation and not worried that it might change Antonym : insecure:
Workers no longer feel secure about the future.
It was enough money to make us feel financially secure.
We huddled together, secure in the knowledge that the rescue helicopter was on its way.

6. FIRMLY FASTENED firmly fastened or tied, and not likely to fall down:
Are you sure that shelf is secure?

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II. secure2 W3 AC verb [transitive]
[Word Family: verb: secure; noun: securityinsecurity; adverb: securelyinsecurely; adjective: secureinsecure]

1. GET/ACHIEVE to get or achieve something that will be permanent, especially after a lot of effort:
Boyd’s goal secured his team’s place in the Cup Final.
secure a deal/contract
The company secured a $20 million contract.
Negotiators are still working to secure the hostages’ release.
Redgrave won his third Olympic gold medal, and secured his place in history.

2. SAFE FROM HARM to make something safe from being attacked, harmed, or lost:
Troops were sent to secure the border.
secure something against somebody/something
They built a ten-foot high fence to secure the house against intruders.
an agreement to secure the future of the rainforest

3. TIE FIRMLY to fasten or tie something firmly in a particular position
secure something to something
John secured the boat firmly to the jetty.

4. BORROWING MONEY if you secure a debt or a loan, you legally promise that, if you cannot pay back the money you have borrowed, you will give the lender goods or property of the same value instead:
He used his house to secure the loan.

[TahlilGaran] Dictionary of Contemporary English

VERBS be, feel | become | make sth | keep sth It's important to keep your documents secure.
ADV. extremely, very | absolutely, completely, entirely, perfectly, quite, totally, utterly | fairly, pretty, reasonably, relatively | enough, sufficiently I finally felt secure enough in myself to have a child of my own.
apparently | economically, financially | socially
PREP. against The house has been made secure against intruders.

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I. fix/lock sth firmly
ADV. firmly, properly, tightly
PREP. to The crates had not been properly secured to the truck.
with She secured the boat with a rope.

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II. get/achieve sth
ADV. easily Victory was not going to be easily secured.
VERB + SECURE be able to, manage to | fail to They failed to secure the release of the prisoners.
help (to)
PHRASES an attempt/effort to secure sth, be aimed at securing sth, a chance/hope of securing sth trying to improve their chances of securing employment
succeed/be successful in securing sth

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