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self /self/ noun (plural selves /selvz/)
self- /self/ prefix

Irregular Forms: (pl) selves

خویش ، خویشتن ، نفس خود ، عین ، شخصیت ، جنبه ، حالت ، حال ، وضع ، لقاح کردن ، قانون ـ فقه: نفس ، خویش ، روانشناسی: خود ، ورزش: کمان یا تیر از یک تکه چوب
Self, Will
(1961–) a British writer of satirical novels and short stories who also writes reviews for newspapers. His books include Great Apes (1997), How the Dead Live (2000), and The Book of Dave (2006). In 1997, The Observer newspaper asked Self to write about John Major's campaign for the elections, but later sacked him for taking drugs on the Prime Minister's plane.

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self S2 W3 /self/ noun (plural selves /selvz/)
[Language: Old English]

1. [countable usually singular] the type of person you are, your character, your typical behaviour etc
sb’s usual/normal self
Sid was not his usual smiling self.
be/look/feel (like) your old self (=be the way you usually are again, especially after having been ill, unhappy etc)
Jim was beginning to feel like his old self again.
sb’s true/real self (=what someone is really like, rather than what they pretend to be like)
Peter was the only one to whom she showed her true self.

2. sb’s sense of self someone’s idea that they are a separate person, different from other people:
a child’s developing sense of self

3. be a shadow/ghost of your former self to not be as healthy, strong etc as you used to be

4. [uncountable] a word written in business letters, on cheques etc meaning yourself:
a cheque written to self

5. [countable] used to refer to a person:
a picture of a journalist and your good self (=you)

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self- /self/ prefix

1. by yourself or by itself:
a self-propelled vehicle

2. of, to, with, or for yourself or itself:
a self-portrait

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ADJ. whole He put his whole self into the performance.
real, true | deep, inner, innermost | private | public Her private and public selves were vastly different.
normal, usual | former, old She knew that with a holiday he would be back to his former self.
cheerful He's his usual cheerful self again.
better She knew his better self would struggle to serve her best interests.
conscious | physical | good (humorous) We look forward to seeing Mrs Brown and your good self this evening.
VERB + SELF reveal He was afraid to reveal his innermost self.
PHRASES a loss of self, a sense of self, a shadow of your former self

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your normal/usual self
When she came home at Christmas she seemed very quiet and not her normal self.
your old self (=the way you were before an illness or other change)
He sounded more like his old self than the last time she had called.
your true/real self (=your real character)
At last he had revealed his true self.
your inner self (=your real character or feelings that are usually hidden from other people)
Over the years she had put up barriers to protect her inner self.

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