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sensation /senˈseɪʃən/ noun

احساس ، حس ، شور ، تاثیر ، (م.م). ظاهر ، روانشناسی: احساس
- feeling, awareness, consciousness, impression, perception, sense
- excitement, commotion, furore, stir, thrill
Related Words: susceptibility, consciousness, sensitiveness, sensitivity, impression, perception, response, bomb, bombshell

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sensation /senˈseɪʃən/ noun
[Date: 1600-1700; Language: Medieval Latin; Origin: sensatio, from Late Latin sensatus 'having sense', from Latin sensus; sense1]

1. [uncountable and countable] a feeling that you get from one of your five senses, especially the sense of touch
burning/prickling/tingling etc sensation
One sign of a heart attack is a tingling sensation in the left arm.
sensation of
a sensation of heat

2. [countable] a feeling that is difficult to describe, caused by a particular event, experience, or memory
sensation that
Caroline had the sensation that she was being watched.
strange/curious/odd sensation
It was a strange sensation – I felt I’d been there before.

3. [uncountable] the ability to feel things, especially through your sense of touch:
Jerry realized that he had no sensation in his legs.

4. [countable usually singular] extreme excitement or interest, or someone or something that causes this
cause/create a sensation
The sex scenes in the film caused a sensation.
pop/fashion/media etc sensation
the latest pop sensation from England

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I. physical feeling
ADJ. delicious, exquisite, pleasant, pleasurable, wonderful | unpleasant | curious, odd, strange | burning, choking, prickling, tingling | bodily, physical
VERB + SENSATION experience, feel, have He felt a tingling sensation down his side.
produce | enjoy Most people enjoy the sensation of eating.
PREP. ~ of the sensation of sand between your toes

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II. ability to feel
ADJ. pure He gave way to pure sensation.
VERB + SENSATION have She had no sensation in her hands.
SENSATION + VERB come back

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III. feeling/impression
ADJ. curious, eerie, odd, strange
VERB + SENSATION have I had the eerie sensation that I was not alone.
PREP. ~ of the sensation of being watched

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IV. great excitement/surprise/interest
ADJ. great | overnight
VERB + SENSATION cause, create The film caused a sensation among film critics.

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She was enjoying the pleasant sensation of being in the warm water.
I felt a rather unpleasant sensation in my chest.
As we looked at each other I had a strange sensation.
a physical sensation
Babies soon learn to recognize the physical sensation of hunger.
a burning sensation
These chemicals can cause a burning sensation or rash.
a prickling sensation (=a feeling that your skin is stinging)
He felt a prickling sensation on the back of his neck.
a tingling sensation (=a feeling that your skin is stinging slightly)
She felt a tingling sensation, like a mild electric shock.
a choking sensation (=a feeling that you cannot breathe)
A choking sensation filled my throat.
feel/have/experience a sensation
He felt a tingling sensation down his left side.
cause/produce a sensation
The drug can produce strange sensations in some patients.

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