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sensitivity /ˌsensəˈtɪvəti, ˌsensɪˈtɪvəti/ noun (plural sensitivities)

حساسیت (دوربین تلویزیونی) ، میزان حساسیت ، کامپیوتر: حساسیت ، الکترونیک: حساسیت ، شیمی: حساسیت ، روانشناسی: حساسیت ، بازرگانی: حساسیت
مهندسی صنایع: حساسیت
کوچکترین ورودی که به یک سیگنال خروجی قابل تشخیص منجر می شود. الکترونیک: حساسیت ، کامپیوتر: حساسیت ، شیمی: حساسیت ، روانشناسی: حساسیت ، دوربین تلویزیونی ، : الکترونیک: حساسیت ، اقتصاد: حساسیت ، میزان حساسیتحساسیت ، کامپیوتر: حساسیت ، شیمی: حساسیت ، روانشناسی: حساسیت ، دوربین تلویزیونی ، : الکترونیک: حساسیت ، اقتصاد: حساسیت ، میزان حساسیت کامپیوتر: حساسیت پزشکی: حساسیت

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Synonyms: sensitiveness, delicacy, receptiveness, responsiveness, susceptibility

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sensitivity /ˌsensəˈtɪvəti, ˌsensɪˈtɪvəti/ noun (plural sensitivities)
[Word Family: adjective: sensible, insensible, senseless, sensitiveinsensitive, sensory, nonsensical, insensate; noun: sensenonsense, sensibilityinsensibility, sensitivityinsensitivity, senselessness, sensitization, sensor; adverb: sensibly, senselessly, sensitivelyinsensitively; verb: sense, sensitize]

1. UNDERSTANDING PEOPLE [singular, uncountable] the ability to understand other people’s feelings and problems:
His comments show a lack of sensitivity.
Interviewing victims of crime must be done with sensitivity.
a teacher with great sensitivity
sensitivity to
She has always shown a sensitivity to audience needs and tastes.

2. SITUATION/SUBJECT [uncountable] when a situation or subject needs to be dealt with carefully because it is secret or may offend people:
It’s a matter of great political sensitivity.

3. BODY’S REACTION [uncountable and countable] when someone reacts badly to a particular food, substance, animal etc and becomes ill:
food sensitivity
sensitivity to
Many children have a sensitivity to cow’s milk.

4. EASILY OFFENDED [uncountable] when someone is easily upset or offended by things that people say

5. sensitivities [plural] someone’s feelings and the fact that they could be upset or offended:
racial sensitivities

6. ART/MUSIC ETC [uncountable and countable] the quality of being able to express emotions through art, literature etc

7. REACTION TO CHANGES [uncountable] the ability to react to very small changes in light, heat, movement etc:
The sensitivity of the detector can be increased.

8. REACTION TO NEW SITUATIONS [uncountable and countable] the fact of quickly reacting to new situations:
the market’s price sensitivity

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ADJ. deep, extreme, great | heightened, increased
VERB + SENSITIVITY have | develop, display, show Migrating birds show extreme sensitivity to air currents.
lack Many doctors lack sensitivity when dealing with their patients.
PREP. with ~ She broke the news to us with great sensitivity.
~ in She is not known for her sensitivity in dealing with complaints.
~ over There is deep sensitivity over the treatment of minority groups.
~ to The course teaches sensitivity to body language.
~ towards the need for sensitivity towards the views of the children
PHRASES a lack of sensitivity

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