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shake /ʃeɪk/ verb (past tense shook /ʃʊk/, past participle shaken /ˈʃeɪkən/)

Irregular Forms: (shaken)(shook)

لرزاندن ، نوسان ، ارتعاش ، لرزش ، تزلزل ، تکان دادن ، جنباندن ، اشفتن ، لرزیدن ، علوم مهندسی: ارتعاش
- vibrate, bump, jar, jolt, quake, rock, shiver, totter, tremble
- wave, brandish, flourish
- upset, distress, disturb, frighten, rattle (informal), shock, unnerve
- vibration, agitation, convulsion, jerk, jolt, quaking, shiver, shudder, trembling, tremor
Related Idioms: shake like an aspen leaf, get rid of, give (someone) the shake (or slip), slip from under the eye of
Related Words: palpitate, quail, waver, flicker, flit, flitter, flutter, fluctuate, oscillate, chatter, shimmy, vibrate, bounce, jounce, quiver, rock, stagger, chounse, jostle, rattle, jerk, jog, shog, commove, discompose, disorder, jar, jolt, unsettle, disquiet, disturb, perturb, upset, churn, roil, ruffle, stir up, whip, avoid, elude, outwit, bother, worry, unnerve, unstring
English Thesaurus: shake, shudder, tremble, shiver, quiver, ...

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I. shake1 S3 W2 /ʃeɪk/ verb (past tense shook /ʃʊk/, past participle shaken /ˈʃeɪkən/)
[Word Family: noun: shake, shaker, shakiness; adjective: shaky, shaken; verb: shake; adverb: shakily]
[Language: Old English; Origin: sceacan]

1. MOVE [intransitive and transitive] to move suddenly from side to side or up and down, usually with a lot of force, or to make something or someone do this:
She shook him to wake him up.
Shake the bottle before you open it.
The whole house started to shake.
The car shook as it went over a bump.
shake something out of/off/from something
She shook the sand out of her shoes (=removed it by shaking).

2. BODY [intransitive] if someone shakes, or part of their body shakes, they make small sudden movements from side to side or up and down, especially because they are very frightened, cold, ill etc Synonym : trembleshiver:
The little boy’s hand was shaking.
shake with fear/laughter/anger etc
I could see my neighbor shaking with laughter.
What’s wrong with you? You’re shaking like a leaf (=shaking a lot because you are very nervous or frightened).
be shaking in your shoes/boots (=be very nervous)
I was shaking in my shoes – I thought he was going to fire me.

3. shake your head to move your head from side to side as a way of saying no, or to show disapproval, surprise, or sadness:
When asked if he wanted anything else, he just shook his head.
Mark shook his head in disbelief.

shake sb’s hand/shake hands with somebody to move someone’s hand up and down with your own hand as a greeting or as a sign you have agreed something:
He shook my hand warmly.
Wilkins shook hands with him.
If we have a deal, let’s shake on it (=show that we have made an agreement by shaking hands).

5. SHOCK [transitive] to make someone feel very upset or shocked:
Kerrie was so shaken by the attack that she won’t go out alone.
The murder shook the whole town.

6. shake sb’s confidence/beliefs etc to make someone feel less confident, less sure about their beliefs etc:
His confidence was badly shaken.

7. sb’s voice shakes if someone’s voice is shaking, it is not steady and they sound very worried, angry, or frightened:
Her voice was shaking as she announced the news.
shake with rage/emotion etc
Reg’s voice shook with rage.

8. shake your fist (at somebody) to show that you are angry by holding up and shaking your tightly closed hand:
He shook his fist at the driver of the other car.

9. shake a leg spoken used to tell someone to hurry, or quickly start doing something:
C’mon, shake a leg!

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II. shake2 noun
[Word Family: noun: shake, shaker, shakiness; adjective: shaky, shaken; verb: shake; adverb: shakily]

1. [countable] if you give something a shake, you move it up and down or from side to side:
Give the bottle a good shake before use.
He refused with a shake of the head (=a movement of the head from side to side to mean ˈnoˈ).

2. [countable] a cold drink made from milk, ice cream, and fruit or chocolate Synonym : milk shake:
a strawberry shake

3. the shakes nervous shaking of your body caused by illness, fear, too much alcohol, not getting a drug you are dependent on etc:
If I don’t smoke, I get the shakes.

4. in a couple of shakes/two shakes informal very soon:
I’ll be back in two shakes.

5. no great shakes spoken not very skilful, or not very good:
He’s no great shakes as a singer.

6. get/give somebody a fair shake informal to get or give someone fair treatment

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ADJ. brisk, good, vigorous Give the tablecloth a good shake before putting it away.
little, slight | mental He gave himself a mental shake and got down to work.
rueful a rueful shake of the head
VERB + SHAKE give sb/sth
PREP. with a ~ | ~ of
PHRASES a shake of your/the head

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I. of a person/building
ADV. badly, uncontrollably, violently Her hands were shaking so badly that she couldn't hold her glass.
almost He was almost shaking with the intensity of what he was saying.
fairly (informal) Natalie fairly shook with laughter.
literally, physically I was numb with dread. I was literally shaking.
PREP. with She was shaking with rage.
PHRASES be shaking all over He was crying and shaking all over.
be shaking like a leaf, find yourself/start shaking I found myself shaking uncontrollably with cold.
stop shaking I just couldn't stop shaking.

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II. object/person
ADV. roughly, vigorously, violently He shook the blankets vigorously to get rid of the dust. She must have shaken the baby quite violently to inflict such severe injuries.
gently, slightly | well Shake well before use. (instructions on a bottle of medicine, etc.) | suddenly | physically
PREP. by He shook her gently by the shoulders.

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III. your head
ADV. decisively, emphatically, firmly | fiercely, vehemently, vigorously, violently, wildly | a little, gently, slightly | quickly | slowly | dismissively, impatiently | despairingly, desperately, dismally, gloomily, helplessly, miserably, mournfully, regretfully, ruefully, sadly, sorrowfully | wearily | disbelievingly, doubtfully, wonderingly | just, merely, only, simply He merely shook his head.
from side to side
PREP. at He shook his head at her disbelievingly.
in She shook her head in disbelief.

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IV. sb's hand
ADV. firmly, vigorously | warmly
PHRASES shake sb by the hand Our host shook each of us warmly by the hand. PHRASAL VERBS shake sb/sth off
ADV. completely, fully | quickly | easily He had not easily shaken Claudine off.
VERB + SHAKE can't/couldn't (seem to) I can't seem to shake off this cold.
seem to | try to

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shake slightly
Adam opened the envelope, his hand shaking slightly.
shake violently
She found him huddled in a corner, shaking violently.
shake uncontrollably
His whole body shook uncontrollably.
be shaking badly (=be shaking a lot)
She had been crying, and was still shaking badly.
be visibly shaking (=be shaking in a way that other people can see)
He was visibly shaking with anger.
shake with laughter
Both women shook with laughter.
shake with anger/fear etc
He stood there shaking with anger.
be shaking all over
She was shaking all over, partly from cold, partly from shock.
be shaking like a leaf (=be shaking a lot because you are nervous or frightened)
Diana was shaking like a leaf when she got up to give her talk.
be shaking in your shoes/boots (=be very nervous)
The President must be shaking in his shoes about Tuesday’s vote.

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