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shame /ʃeɪm/ noun

شرم ، خجلت ، شرمساری ، ازرم ، ننگ ، عار ، شرمنده کردن ، خجالت دادن ، ننگین کردن ، روانشناسی: شرمساری
- embarrassment, abashment, humiliation, ignominy, mortification
- disgrace, blot, discredit, dishonour, disrepute, infamy, reproach, scandal, smear
- embarrass, abash, disgrace, humble, humiliate, mortify
- dishonour, blot, debase, defile, degrade, smear, stain
Antonyms: glory
Contrasted words: pride, self-admiration, self-love, self-respect
Related Words: chagrin, embarrassment, guilt, mortification, self-reproach, self-reproof
English Thesaurus: guilt, shame, regret, remorse, contrition, ...

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I. shame1 S2 /ʃeɪm/ noun
[Word Family: noun: shame, shamefulness, shamelessness; adjective: ashamedunashamed, shameful, shameless; verb: shame; adverb: shamefullyshamelessly]
[Language: Old English; Origin: scamu]

1. it’s a shame/what a shame etc spoken used when you wish a situation was different, and you feel sad or disappointed:
‘She’s failed her test again.’ ‘What a shame!’
It’s a shame that you have to leave so soon.
What a shame we missed the wedding.
It's a shame about the weather.
it is a shame to do something
It’s a shame to cover this beautiful table with a tablecloth.
I can’t imagine why they canceled your show, Tracy. That’s such a shame.
a crying/great/terrible shame
It was a crying shame that they lost the game.

In written English, people usually say something is unfortunate rather than a shame:
It’s unfortunate that these warnings were not taken seriously.

2. [uncountable] the feeling you have when you feel guilty and embarrassed because you, or someone who is close to you, have done something wrong:
He felt a deep sense of shame.
Maria blushed with shame.
To her shame (=it made her feel ashamed), she gained back all the weight she’d lost.
He’s brought shame on the whole family.
hang/bow your head in shame (=look down, or feel like you should look down, because you feel so ashamed)
I bow my head in shame when I think of how I treated her.
There’s no shame in (=it should not make you feel ashamed) saying ‘I don’t know.’

3. [uncountable] the ability to feel shame:
How could you do such a thing? Have you no shame?

4. shame on you/him/them etc spoken used to say that someone should feel guilty or embarrassed because of something they have done:
Shame on you, Fred. I thought you were my friend!

5. put somebody/something to shame to be so much better than someone or something else that it makes the other thing seem very bad or ordinary:
His cooking puts mine to shame.

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II. shame2 verb [transitive]
[Word Family: noun: shame, shamefulness, shamelessness; adjective: ashamedunashamed, shameful, shameless; verb: shame; adverb: shamefullyshamelessly]

1. to make someone feel ashamed:
It shames me to say it, but I lied.
He felt shamed and humiliated by the treatment he had received.

2. shame somebody into doing something to force someone to do something by making them feel ashamed:
His wife shamed him into handing the money back.

3. to be so much better than someone else that you make them seem bad or feel embarrassed:
Their training record shamed other companies.

4. to make someone feel they have lost all honour and respect:
She had shamed her family name (=done something that made her family lose honour).

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I. feeling that you have lost the respect of others
ADJ. deep
VERB + SHAME be filled with, feel | bring, cause His arrest for stealing brought shame on his family.
die of (figurative) I nearly died of shame!
PREP. from ~ She wept from the shame of having let everyone down.
in ~ She shut her eyes in shame.
to your ~ To my shame, I didn't tell Robert about the party.
without ~ He had cried noisily and without shame at the news of Esther's death.
with ~ She blushed with shame.
~ about/over You feel absolutely no shame over what you did, do you?
~ at She felt a flush of shame at what she'd done.
PHRASES a cause for shame Her pregnancy was no cause for shame.
a feeling/sense of shame, bow/hang your head in shame He was being held by two security guards, his head bowed in shame.

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II. a shame: sth that makes you feel disappointed
ADJ. crying, great, real, terrible, wicked
PREP. ~ about It's a terrible shame about Stuart losing his job, isn't it?
PHRASES a bit of a shame, rather a shame, such a shame, what a shame What a shame you can't come!

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ADV. publicly The people who did this deserve to be publicly shamed.
PREP. into An outcry from customers has shamed the company into lowering its prices.

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BAD: When I speak English I sometimes feel shame.
GOOD: When I speak English I sometimes feel embarrassed.
BAD: The Chinese feel shame when they see people kissing in public.
GOOD: The Chinese feel embarrassed when they see people kissing in public.

Usage Note:
See ASHAMED (ashamed)

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See: for shame , put to shame

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