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sigh /saɪ/ verb [intransitive]
sigh noun [countable]

اه کشیدن ، افسوس خوردن ، اه حسرت کشیدن
Synonyms: sock, sough, suspire, long, ache, crave, dream, hanker, hunger, lust, pine, thirst
Related Idioms: heave a sigh
Related Words: breathe, respire, exhale, gasp, pant, wheeze, groan, moan, sob, blow, murmur, whisper, whine, whistle, howl, roar
English Thesaurus: breathe, sigh, pant, gasp, snore, ...

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I. sigh1 /saɪ/ verb [intransitive]
[Language: Old English; Origin: sican]

1. to breathe in and out making a long sound, especially because you are bored, disappointed, tired etc:
‘Well, there’s nothing we can do about it now,’ she sighed.
sigh heavily/deeply
Frankie stared out of the window and sighed deeply.
sigh with
He sighed with despair at the thought of all the opportunities he had missed.

2. literary if the wind sighs, it makes a long sound like someone sighing:
The wind sighed in the trees.

3. sigh for something to be sad because you are thinking about a pleasant time in the past:
Emilia sighed for her lost youth.

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II. sigh2 noun [countable]
an act or sound of sighing
sigh of
She let out a sigh of impatience.
give/let out/heave a sigh
Laura shrugged, and gave a heavy sigh.
We all breathed a sigh of relief when we heard they were safe.

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ADJ. big, deep, great, heavy, huge | little, small, soft | long | heartfelt | resigned, weary | exaggerated | audible There was an audible sigh of relief when the news came through that nobody was hurt.
VERB + SIGH breathe, give, heave, let out I breathed a sigh of relief.
repress, stifle, suppress | hear
SIGH + VERB escape sb A weary sigh escaped him.
PREP. on a ~ She let out her breath on a sigh.
with a ~ ‘I suppose we'd better get back to work,’ he said with a heavy sigh.
~ of She gave a deep sigh of contentment.
PHRASES a sigh of relief
 ⇒ Note at SOUND

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ADV. deeply, heavily She sighed heavily and sat down.
softly | audibly, gustily, loudly, noisily | inwardly | a little | contentedly, happily She looked at her son and sighed happily.
impatiently | resignedly | wearily He sighed wearily as he looked at the pile of work.
PREP. in He sighed in exasperation.
with We sighed with relief when the noise stopped.

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