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significantly /sɪɡˈnɪfɪkəntli/ adverb

significant: پر معنی ، مهم ، قابل توجه ، حاکی از ، عمده ، معنی دار
Synonyms: well, considerably, far, quite, rather, somewhat
Antonyms: insignificantly

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significantly S3 W2 AC /sɪɡˈnɪfɪkəntli/ adverb
[Word Family: noun: significanceinsignificance, signification; verb: signify; adverb: significantlyinsignificantly; adjective: significantinsignificant]

1. in an important way or to an important degree:
Health problems can be significantly reduced by careful diet.
Methods used by younger teachers differ significantly from those used by older ones.
significantly better/greater/worse etc
Delia’s work has been significantly better this year.

2. [sentence adverb] used to say that something is very important:
The Democrats, significantly, finished well behind the Green Party.

3. in a way that seems to have a special meaning:
George paused, and glanced significantly in my direction.

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