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size /saɪz/ noun

چسب زدن ، اهار زدن ، به اندازه کردن ، بزرگی ، مقدار ، قالب ، سایز ، ساختن یارده بندی کردن برحسب اندازه ، چسب زنی ، اهارزدن ، بر اورد کردن ، علوم مهندسی: اندازه بعد ساختمان ، عمران: اندازه ، روانشناسی: اندازه ، بازرگانی: وسعت ، ورزش: اندازه
کامپیوتر: فضا

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Synonyms: dimensions, amount, bulk, extent, immensity, magnitude, mass, proportions, range, volume
Contrasted words: littleness, smallness, minuteness, tininess
Related Words: area, body, bulk, mass, volume, height, extension, length, amplitude, breadth, expanse, spread, stretch, width, measurement, dimension, extent
English Thesaurus: size, dimensions, measurements, proportions, area, ...

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I. size1 S1 W1 /saɪz/ noun
[Date: 1100-1200; Language: Old French; Origin: assise 'sitting to make a legal judgment or a judgment on standard amounts', from asseoir 'to seat']

1. HOW BIG [uncountable and countable] how big or small something is:
He’s a small boy, about John’s size.
The Jensens’ house is about the same size as ours.
size of
The firm underestimated the size of the market for their new product.
I saw a spider the size of (=the same size as) my hand in the backyard.
He’s quite a big dog, but he’s still not full size yet.
in size
The apartment is roughly 360 square feet in size.
(of) that/this size (=as big as that or this)
In a class this size, there are bound to be a few troublemakers.
We can’t give loans of that size to just anyone.
in all/different/various (shapes and) sizes
These phones come in all shapes and sizes.
good/fair/nice size (=fairly big)
The breakfast room is a good size.

2. VERY BIG [uncountable] used to say that something is very big
size of
I can’t believe the size of her car!
The sheer size of the classes makes learning difficult for students.

3. CLOTHES/GOODS [countable] one of a set of standard measures according to which clothes and other goods are produced and sold:
These shoes are one size too big.
The shirts come in three sizes: small, medium, and large.
Do you have these pants in a size 12?

4. large-sized/medium-sized/pocket-size etc of a particular size, or about the same size and shape as something:
a medium-sized car
a pocket-size mirror
good-sized/fair-sized/decent-sized (=big enough for a particular purpose)

5. do something to size if you cut, make, or prepare something to size, you make it the right size for a particular use:
The materials will be provided, and everything is already cut to size.

6. that’s about the size of it spoken used to agree that someone’s description of a situation is correct

7. PASTE [uncountable] (also sizing) a thick sticky liquid used for giving stiffness and a shiny surface to cloth, paper etc, or used to prepare walls for wallpaper
cut somebody down to size at cut down(6), ⇒ try something on for size at try1(2)

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II. size2 verb [transitive]

1. to sort things according to their size:
Shrimp are sized and selected for canning.

2. [usually passive] to make something into a particular size or sizes:
Most costume patterns are sized for children.

3. to put size1(7) on a wall before decorating
size somebody/something ↔ up phrasal verb
to look at or consider a person or situation and make a judgment about them Synonym : assess:
It only took a few seconds for her to size up the situation.

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I. how big or small sth is
ADJ. considerable, enormous, fair, good, great, impressive, large, massive, substantial, vast The kitchen is (of) a fair size. The vast size of the country made it difficult to govern.
diminutive, limited, modest, small Despite its diminutive size, the car is quite comfortable.
average, medium, middle, moderate, reasonable, sufficient | overall, total | sheer, very The sheer size of these dinosaurs was their main defence. | appropriate, convenient, correct, desirable, handy, manageable, optimum, right The ladder is a handy size for using in the house. classes of manageable size
wrong | comparable, equivalent, similar | standard, uniform The standard size for the tiles is 300mm square. | non-standard | maximum, minimum The fish grow to a maximum size of 50cm.
actual, full, life The ring is shown actual size in the illustration. a life-size model of a Roman soldier
class, family, group, household, market, population, sample
VERB + SIZE increase | decrease, limit, reduce The company is reducing the size of its workforce. | double in, grow in, increase in Houses increase in size further away from the city centre.
be reduced in, decline in, decrease in, diminish in | differ in, range in, vary in These insects range in size from 2 to 5cm.
grow to, reach | estimate, guess (at) I had to guess at the size of the batteries.
overestimate, underestimate
SIZE + VERB increase | decline, decrease, fall | range from, vary The size of her audience varied.
PREP. from the ~ of From the size of the queues outside the cinema, it was a very good film.
in ~ How do the samples compare in size?
in the ~ of the increase in the size of the population
PHRASES half, two, three, etc. times the size of sth Their house is twice the size of ours.
shapes and sizes There are people of all shapes and size in the judo class.

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II. one of a number of fixed measurements
ADJ. large, medium, small The company is now going to make these products in larger sizes.
2-litre, 4-pound, etc. The 5-litre size comes in a metal tin.
imperial, metric New radiators come in metric sizes.
children's, men's, women's | chest, collar, foot ‘Extra large’ fits chest sizes 44 to 50.
bra, shoe
QUANT. range, variety
VERB + SIZE be, take What size are you (= for shoes or clothes)
? What size do you take?
find sth in, get sth in I couldn't find the blouse in my size.
be available in, come in The bricks come in four sizes.
SIZE + VERB fit sb I have to wear children's shoes because the women's sizes don't fit me.
PREP. in a/your ~ Have you got this dress in a Size 12?
PHRASES be a size too big, small, etc. The jacket is several sizes too large for him.
Size 2, 10, etc.

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the same size
The water vole is about the same size as a rat.
a different size
Six towns of different sizes were selected for the research.
a good/fair/nice size (=fairly big)
The garden is a good size.
the small size of something
One problem was the very small size of the department.
the large size of something
They are very peaceful fish, despite their large size.
the sheer size of something (=used to emphasize that something is large)
The sheer size of some dinosaurs is amazing.
sth’s original size
The lake has already shrunk to half its original size.
full size (=the largest size that something can have)
Is this violin full size?
be twice the size of something
The creature was about twice the size of a small dog.
be half the size of something
Kosovo is about half the size of Wales.

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BAD: I'm afraid that the pullover you sent me has the wrong size.
GOOD: I'm afraid that the pullover you sent me is the wrong size.

Usage Note:
be a certain size (NOT have ): 'If the boots are size 43, they should fit me.'

BAD: As far as I remember, you both have the same size.
GOOD: As far as I remember, you both take the same size.
GOOD: As far as I remember, you are both the same size.

Usage Note:
be/take a certain size (NOT have ): 'What size are you?' 'Before the baby was born, I used to take a size 12.'

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See: cut down to size , pint-size

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