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skilful , skillful /ˈskɪlfəl/ adjective
skillful /ˈskɪlfəl/ adjective

ماهر ، استادکار
مهندسی صنایع: نیروی انسانی: ماهر - استادکار

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Synonyms: proficient, adept, crack, crackerjack, expert, master, masterful, masterly, skilled, adroit, clever, good, pretty, skilly, wicked, workmanlike, workmanly
Antonyms: unskillful, inept
Contrasted words: clumsy, unskilled
Related Words: learned, versant, well-versed, expert, masterful

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I. skilful British English, skillful American English /ˈskɪlfəl/ adjective
[Word Family: noun: skill, deskilling; adjective: SKILFUL/SKILLFUL, skilledunskilled; verb: deskill; adverb: SKILFULLY/SKILLFULLY]

1. good at doing something, especially something that needs special ability or training:
a skilful footballer
skilful at (doing) something
After a few years, he became very skilful at drawing.

2. made or done very well, showing a lot of ability:
the skilful use of sound effects
sensitive and skillful leadership
—skilfully adverb:
She had used make-up skilfully to mask the bruise.

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II. skillful /ˈskɪlfəl/ adjective
the American spelling of skilful

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