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unskilled /ˌʌnˈskɪld◂/ adjective

(unskillful) خام دست ، غیر متخصص ، بی تجربه ، بی مهارت
Synonyms: unprofessional, amateurish, cowboy (informal), inexperienced, unqualified, untrained
Antonyms: skilled

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unskilled /ˌʌnˈskɪld◂/ adjective
[Word Family: noun: skill, deskilling; adjective: SKILFUL/SKILLFUL, skilledunskilled; verb: deskill; adverb: SKILFULLY/SKILLFULLY]

1. an unskilled worker has not been trained for a particular type of job:
companies employing unskilled labour (=people who have no special training)

2. unskilled work, jobs etc do not need people with special skills

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