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snack /snæk/ noun [countable]
snack /snæk/ verb [intransitive]

خوراک مختصر ، خوراک سرپایی ، ته بندی ، زیرک ، سریر ، چالاک ، بسرعت
Synonyms: light meal, bite, refreshment(s)
Related Idioms: bite to eat
Related Words: collation, refreshment, tea
English Thesaurus: breakfast, brunch, lunch, tea, dinner, ...

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I. snack1 /snæk/ noun [countable]
a small amount of food that is eaten between main meals or instead of a meal:
I grabbed a quick snack.
Drinks and light snacks are served at the bar.
snack foods like crisps and peanuts

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II. snack2 /snæk/ verb [intransitive]
[Date: 1800-1900; Origin: Probably from snack 'to bite' (14-20 centuries), probably from Middle Dutch snacken 'to bite at']
to eat small amounts of food between main meals or instead of a meal:
I’m trying not to snack between meals.

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ADJ. healthy, light | tasty | savoury, sweet | hot, cold | quick We stopped at a service station for a quick snack.
bedtime, lunchtime, mid-afternoon, mid-morning, midnight | party
VERB + SNACK eat, have | stop for | cook (sb), fix (sb), make (sb), prepare I fixed myself a light snack.
provide (sb with), serve A bar service provides drinks and snacks throughout the day.
SNACK + NOUN food | lunch, meal, time Most office staff prefer a snack lunch to a sit-down meal.
service | bar, counter, kiosk
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BAD: She usually has lunch at a snack in Barceloneta Square.
GOOD: She usually has lunch at a snack bar in Barceloneta Square.

Usage Note:
snack = a light meal or something that you eat between meals: 'Instead of going out to lunch, I usually have a quick snack in my office.'
snack bar = a café or similar place where you can buy a light meal: 'The snack bar gets very busy at lunchtime.'

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