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snooker /ˈsnuːkə $ ˈsnʊkər/ noun [uncountable]

اسنوکر ، بازی شبیه بیلیارد ، بوکش ، جستجو کننده ، طعنه زن ، بویا ، ورزش: مثل بیلیاردانگلیسی با 15گوی قرمز و 6 گوی رنگی مختلف بین دو نفر یا دو تیم
I. snooker1 /ˈsnuːkə $ ˈsnʊkər/ noun [uncountable]
a game played especially in Britain on a special table covered in green cloth, in which two people use long sticks to hit coloured balls into holes at the sides and corners of the table ⇒ billiards
snooker table/room/hall
They meet up every Friday to play snooker.

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II. snooker2 verb [transitive often passive]
British English informal to make it impossible for someone to do what they want to do:
If the council refuses our planning application, we’re snookered.

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ADJ. professional
QUANT. frame, game We played a couple of frames of snooker in the evening.
SNOOKER + NOUN ball, cue, table | ace, champion, player, star | club, hall, room | match, tournament | league
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