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soften /ˈsɒfən $ ˈsɒː-/ verb [intransitive and transitive]

سختی را گرفتن ، نرم کردن ، ملایم کردن ، اهسته ترکردن ، شیرین کردن ، فرونشاندن ، خوابانیدن ، کاستن ، از ، کم کردن ، نرم شدن ، علوم مهندسی: نرم کردن

: soften (to)

نرم کردن ، خمیری کردن ، معماری: ملایم کردن
Synonyms: lessen, allay, appease, cushion, ease, mitigate, moderate, mollify, still, subdue, temper

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soften /ˈsɒfən $ ˈsɒː-/ verb [intransitive and transitive]
[Word Family: noun: softness, softener, SOFTIE/SOFTY; verb: soften; adverb: softly; adjective: soft]

1. (also soften up) to become less hard or rough, or make something less hard or rough Antonym : harden:
Use moisturizer to soften your skin.
Cook until the onion softens.

2. if your attitude softens, or if something softens it, it becomes less strict and more sympathetic Antonym : harden:
The government has softened its stance on public spending.
soften towards
I felt that he was beginning to soften towards me.

3. to make the effect of something seem less unpleasant or severe, or to become less unpleasant or severe
soften the blow/impact
The impact of the tax was softened by large tax-free allowances.

4. if your expression or voice softens, or if something softens it, you look or sound kinder and more gentle Antonym : harden:
His voice softened as he spoke to her.

5. to make the shape or colour of something look less severe:
Climbing plants soften the outline of a fence.
soften somebody/something ↔ up phrasal verb

1. informal to be nice to someone before you ask them to do something, so that they will agree to help you:
She was just softening me up.

2. to make an enemy weaker so that they are easier to attack:
Use artillery to soften up the enemy forces.

3. to make something less hard or rough

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I. become/make sth softer/gentler
ADV. considerably, a lot | a little, slightly His smile softened slightly.

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II. make sth seem less severe
ADV. slightly, somewhat
VERB + SOFTEN try The chancellor may try to soften the blow somewhat with a cut in interest rates.
help (to)

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