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solve /sɒlv $ sɑːlv/ verb [transitive]

حل کردن ، رفع کردن ، گشادن ، باز کردن ، بازرگانی: حل کردن مسئله
Synonyms: answer, clear up, crack, decipher, disentangle, get to the bottom of, resolve, suss (out) (slang), unravel, work out
Related Idioms: hit upon a solution, get to the bottom of, have it, put two and two together
Related Words: decide, determine, settle, enlighten, illuminate, construe, elucidate, explain, interpret

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solve S2 W3 /sɒlv $ sɑːlv/ verb [transitive]
[Word Family: noun: solution, solvent, solubility, insolvency; adjective: solubleinsoluble, unsolved, solventinsolvent, solvableinsolvable; verb: solve; adverb: insolvably]
[Date: 1400-1500; Language: Latin; Origin: solvere 'to loosen, solve, dissolve, pay']

1. to find or provide a way of dealing with a problem ⇒ solution:
Charlie thinks money will solve all his problems.
the best way of solving our dilemma

2. to find the correct answer to a problem or the explanation for something that is difficult to understand ⇒ solution
solve a crime/mystery/case etc
More than 70% of murder cases were solved last year.
attempts to solve a mathematical equation
solve a puzzle/riddle
—solvable adjective

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ADV. completely The mystery has not yet been completely solved.
largely | half, partially, partly | hardly | not necessarily Being with peers and friends does not necessarily solve this feeling of loneliness.
adequately, satisfactorily This question has never been satisfactorily solved.
effectively | convincingly | easily, readily | quickly | elegantly, neatly | magically, somehow | eventually, finally | never
VERB + SOLVE attempt to, try to | help (to), help sb (to) We were given clues to help us solve the puzzle.
be designed to a scheme designed to solve the housing problem
fail to | be difficult to
PREP. by We hope the difficulty can be solved by getting the two sides together to discuss the issues.
with The problem cannot be solved with spending cuts alone.
PHRASES an attempt to solve sth

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solve a problem
He solved the problem by moving the aggressive fish to a separate tank.
solve a crisis
Congress had not been able to solve the financial crisis.
solve a dispute/conflict
They have agreed to solve their disputes solely by peaceful means.
solve a dilemma
Can you solve my dilemma?
solve somebody's difficulties
You can't solve your difficulties by running away.
solve a question
Did they really think the Jerusalem question would be solved in a week?
solve a crime/case
The crime was never solved.
solve a murder
Police have called for witnesses to help them solve the murder.
solve a mystery
Staff at the library think they have solved the mystery.
solve a puzzle
You progress through the game by solving puzzles.
solve a riddle
They still haven't really solved the riddle of how the pyramids were built.
solve an equation
At the age of six, he could solve complicated mathematical equations.

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