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Spark, Muriel /ˈmjʊəriəl/
spark /spɑːk $ spɑːrk/ noun

ژابیژ، اخگر، بارقه، جرقه زدن، علوم مهندسی: جرقه، معماری: اخگر
ارسال ایمیل
- flicker, flare, flash, gleam, glint
- trace, atom, hint, jot, scrap, vestige
- often with off: start, inspire, precipitate, provoke, set off, stimulate, trigger (off)

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Spark, Muriel /ˈmjʊəriəl/
(1918–2006) a British writer from Scotland, best known for her humorous novel The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie (1961), which was later made into a successful film. Her official title was Dame Muriel Spark.

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I. spark1 /spɑːk $ spɑːrk/ noun
[Language: Old English; Origin: spearca]

1. FIRE [countable] a very small piece of burning material produced by a fire or by hitting or rubbing two hard objects together:
sparks from the fire
The scrape of metal on metal sent up a shower of sparks.

2. ELECTRICITY [countable] a flash of light caused by electricity passing across a space:
electric sparks from a broken wire

3. spark of interest/excitement/anger etc a small amount of a feeling or quality:
Rachel looked at her and felt a spark of hope.

4. CAUSE [countable] a small action or event that causes something to happen, especially trouble or violence:
The judge’s verdict provided the spark for the riots.
Interest rate cuts were the spark the market needed.

5. INTELLIGENCE/ENERGY [uncountable] a quality of intelligence or energy that makes someone successful or fun to be with:
She was tired, and lacked her usual spark.
McKellen’s performance gives the play its spark of life (=quality of energy).

6. sparks [plural] anger or angry arguments:
The sparks were really flying (=people were arguing angrily) at the meeting!
bright spark at bright(10)

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II. spark2 verb

1. [transitive] (also spark something ↔ off) to be the cause of something, especially trouble or violence Synonym : provoke:
The police response sparked outrage in the community.
A discarded cigarette sparked a small brush fire.

2. spark sb’s interest/hope/curiosity etc to make someone feel interested, hopeful etc:
topics that spark children’s imaginations

3. [intransitive] to produce sparks of fire or electricity

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I. small bright piece of burning material/electric flash
ADJ. tiny | flying | electric
VERB + SPARK emit, produce, send (out), shower, strike The firework showered sparks all over the lawn. His iron-tipped stick struck sparks from the pavement.
SPARK + VERB fly | ignite sth, set fire to sth Flying sparks set fire to the dry grass.
die (out)
PHRASES a shower of sparks The grinding wheel sent a shower of sparks across the workbench.
a spark of light

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II. small amount of a quality/feeling
ADJ. little, tiny A tiny spark of rebellion flared within her.
creative, divine, vital
VERB + SPARK have | lack His performances lack creative spark.
feel She felt a little spark of anger.
SPARK + VERB flare, kindle
PREP. ~ of He had kindled a spark of interest within her.
PHRASES a spark of hope/life, a spark of originality

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III. (usually sparks) feelings of anger/excitement
VERB + SPARK shoot Her eyes shot sparks of contempt.
draw His remarks drew sparks from her.
SPARK + VERB fly Sparks flew at the meeting.

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