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sperm /spɜːm $ spɜːrm/ noun (plural sperm or sperms)

نطفه ، بذر ، موجب ایجاد چیزی ، منی دانه ، روانشناسی: منی
زیست شناسی: اسپرم ، سلول جنسی حیوان نر

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sperm /spɜːm $ spɜːrm/ noun (plural sperm or sperms)
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Late Latin; Origin: sperma, from Greek, 'seed']

1. [countable] (also ˈsperm cell) a cell produced by the sex organs of a male person or animal, which is able to join with the female egg to produce a new life

2. [uncountable] the liquid from the male sex organs that these cells swim in Synonym : semen

3. sperm count a medical measurement of the number of sperm a man has, which shows if he is able to make a woman pregnant

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VERB + SPERM produce
SPERM + VERB fertilize sth The sperm fertilizes the egg.
SPERM + NOUN cell | count a high/low/normal sperm count
duct | bank, donor

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