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spot /spɒt $ spɑːt/ noun [countable]

نقدا" ، کمان] ، تشخیص دادن ، کشف کردن ، دیدن ، مشاهده کردن گلوله ها ، پیداکردن محل نقاط با دیدبانی ، دیدبانی کردن ، در محل ، در جا ، تنظیم تیر کردن ، نقطه ، مکان ، محل ، لک ، موضع ، زمان مختصر ، لحظه ، لکه دارکردن ، لکه دار شدن ، باخال تزئین کردن ، درنظرگرفتن ، کشف کردن ، اماده پرداخت ، فوری ، بجا اوردن ، علوم مهندسی: موضع ، الکترونیک: نقطه ، قانون ـ فقه: به طور نقد ، ورزش: کمک به ژیمناست در حال انجام حرکت ، علوم نظامی: مسافت یابی کردن

: spot (white)

ورزش: گوی سفید اصلی بیلیارد برای ضربه زدن به گویهای دیگر
مهندسی صنایع: نقطه ، نقطه ای الکترونیک: نقطه ، محل ، خال ، لکه ، موضع ، علوم مهندسی: نقدا "، به طور نقد ، حقوق: کمان : ، کمک به ژیمناست در حال انجام حرکت ، ورزشی: تشخیص دادن ، کشف کردن ، دیدن ، نقطه ، جا، مشاهده کردن گلوله ها ، پیداکردن محل نقاط با دیدبانی ، دیدبانی کردن ، در محل ، در جا ، تنظیم تیر کردن ، مسافت یابی کردن ، علوم نظامی: نقطه ، الکترونیک: نقطه ، خال ، مکان ، محل ، لکه ، لک ، موضع ، زمان مختصر، لحظه ، لکه دارکردن ، لکه دار شدن ، باخال تزیین کردن ، درنظرگرفتن ، کشف کردن ، اماده پرداخت ، فوری ، بجا اوردن

[TahlilGaran] Persian Dictionary

- mark, blemish, blot, blotch, scar, smudge, speck, speckle, stain
- pimple, pustule, zit (slang)
- place, location, point, position, scene, site
- predicament, difficulty, hot water (informal), mess, plight, quandary, tight spot, trouble
- see, catch sight of, detect, discern, espy, make out, observe, recognize, sight
- mark, dirty, fleck, mottle, smirch, soil, spatter, speckle, splodge, splotch, stain
Related Idioms: job slot
Related Words: scene, section, sector, blot, blotch, mottle, fleck, marble, streak, stripe, dot, pepper, speck, speckle, sprinkle, stipple, splash, dirty, soil, stain, intersperse, ascertain, see
English Thesaurus: mark, spot, stain, smudge, smear, ...

[TahlilGaran] English Synonym Dictionary

I. spot1 S2 W2 /spɒt $ spɑːt/ noun [countable]
[Word Family: adjective: spotted, spotless, spotty; verb: spot; noun: spot; adverb: spotlessly]
[Date: 1100-1200; Origin: Perhaps from Middle Dutch spotte]

1. PLACE a particular place or area, especially a pleasant place where you spend time:
a nice quiet spot on the beach
I chose a spot well away from the road.
in a spot
a small cottage in an idyllic spot
on a spot
Why do they want to build a house on this particular spot?
the exact/same/very spot
the exact spot where the king was executed
spot for
an ideal spot for a picnic

2. AREA a usually round area on a surface that is a different colour or is rougher, smoother etc than the rest Synonym : patch:
a white cat with brown spots
spot of
Two spots of colour appeared in Jill’s cheeks.

3. MARK a small mark on something, especially one that is made by a liquid:
There was a big damp spot on the wall.
spot of
a few spots of blood

a) a small round red area on someone’s skin that shows that they are ill:
He had a high fever and was covered in spots.
b) British English a small raised red mark on someone’s skin, especially on their face Synonym : pimple:
Becka was very self-conscious about her spots.

5. on the spot
a) if you do something on the spot, you do it immediately, often without thinking about it very carefully ⇒ on-the-spot:
He had to make a decision on the spot.
b) if you are on the spot, you are in the place where something is happening:
We ought to find out the views of the people on the spot.
c) British English if you walk, run, or jump on the spot, you do it staying in the same place, without moving around Synonym : in place American English:
If running outside doesn’t appeal, try jogging on the spot indoors.

6. put somebody on the spot to deliberately ask someone a question that is difficult or embarrassing to answer

7. TV/RADIO a short period of time when someone can speak or perform on radio or television:
He was given a 30-second spot just after the news.
a guest spot on ‘The Tonight Show’

8. POSITION a position in a list of things or in a competition:
The budget has a regular spot on the agenda.
in a spot
Manchester United are still in the top spot after today’s win.

9. weak spot
a) a point at which someone or something is not very good:
I carried on with my questions, sensing a weak spot in his story.
b) American English if someone has a weak spot for something, they like it very much:
I’ve always had a weak spot for chocolate.

10. tight spot informal a difficult situation:
This puts the chairman in a very tight spot.
I hope you can help get me out of a tight spot.

11. bright spot something that is good in a bad situation:
The computer industry is the one bright spot in the economy at the moment.
The only bright spot of the evening was when the food arrived.

12. a spot of something British English informal a small amount of something:
Do you fancy a spot of lunch?
I’ve been having a spot of bother (=some problems) with my car.

13. spots of rain British English a few drops of rain:
A few spots of rain began to fall.

14. five-spot/ten-spot etc American English spoken a piece of paper money worth five dollars, ten dollars etc
beauty spot, blackspot, blind spot, ⇒ change your spots at change1(16), ⇒ G-spot, ⇒ high point/spot at high1(12), ⇒ hit the spot at hit1(28), ⇒ hot spot, ⇒ knock spots off at knock1(19), ⇒ be rooted to the spot at root2(5), ⇒ have a soft spot for somebody at soft(16), ⇒ trouble spot

[TahlilGaran] Dictionary of Contemporary English

II. spot2 S3 verb (past tense and past participle spotted, present participle spotting) [transitive]
[Word Family: adjective: spotted, spotless, spotty; verb: spot; noun: spot; adverb: spotlessly]

1. to notice someone or something, especially when they are difficult to see or recognize:
I spotted a police car behind us.
It can be hard for even a trained doctor to spot the symptoms of lung cancer.
spot somebody doing something
Meg spotted someone coming out of the building.
difficult/easy to spot
Drug addicts are fairly easy to spot.
spot that
One of the station staff spotted that I was in difficulty, and came to help.

2. be spotted with something to have small round marks or small pieces of something on the surface:
The windscreen was spotted with rain.

3. American English to give the other player in a game an advantage
spot somebody something
He spotted me six points and he still won.

[TahlilGaran] Dictionary of Contemporary English

III. spot3 adjective [only before noun]
for buying or paying immediately, not at some future time:
They won’t take credit; they want spot cash.
He quoted us a spot price for the goods.

[TahlilGaran] Dictionary of Contemporary English

I. small red mark on the skin
VERB + SPOT break out in The children all had measles, and had broken out in spots.
scratch, squeeze

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II. place/area
ADJ. exact, particular, precise | convenient, good, ideal, perfect, right, suitable Take the time to find the right spot to pitch your tent.
beautiful, beauty, idyllic, lovely, pleasant The lake is one of the local beauty spots.
favourite, popular a favourite spot for picnickers
deserted, desolate, isolated, lonely, remote | quiet, secluded | shady, sheltered | sunny | holiday, tourist | picnic | sore, tender | sensitive (often figurative) From his angry reply it was obvious that I had touched a sensitive spot.
vulnerable, weak Check your house for weak spots where a thief could get in.
blind (often figurative) I have a blind spot where jazz is concerned (= I don't understand it).
danger, trouble one of the world's major trouble spots
high, number one/two, etc., top The record quickly reached the number one spot in the charts.
bald He usually wears a hat to hide his bald spot.
VERB + SPOT mark On your map, X marks the spot where the race begins.
reach | be frozen/rooted to He stood rooted to the spot, unable to move.
PREP. on the ~ The fire brigade was on the spot within minutes.
PHRASES an accident black spot

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ADV. quickly | easily Most of these fossils are too small to be easily spotted.
suddenly | eventually, finally
VERB + SPOT be difficult to, be easy to | fail to
PHRASES well spotted ‘There's parking space over the far side.’ ‘Well spotted!’

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