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standard /ˈstændəd $ -ərd/ noun
standard adjective

سنجه ، همسان ، همشکل ، یکنواخت یکجور ، یکسان ، نورم ، مقیاس ، نمونه قانونی ، عیار قانونی ، استاندارد مقرر ، دو میله عمودی پرش با نیزه یا پرش ارتفاع میله عمودی تکیه گاه وزنه (وزنه برداری) ، مطابق نمونه ، مطابق معیار عمومی ، معمولی ، کالای جانشین رزمی ، اقلام مورد نیازی که جانشین کالای نظامی می شوند ، متعارف ، معیار ، استاندارد ، همگون ، الگو ، قالب ، مقرر ، قانونی ، نمونه قبول شده ، معین ، متعارفی ، نشان ، پرچم ، متداول ، مرسوم ، علوم مهندسی: قسمت ساکن دستگاه ، کامپیوتر: استاندارد ، معماری: استانده ، قانون ـ فقه: قانونی ، شیمی: متعارف ، روانشناسی: معیار ، بازرگانی: استاندارد ، ورزش: استاندارد ، دو میله عمودی پرش با نیزه یا پرش ارتفاع میله عمودی تکیه گاه وزنه ، علوم نظامی: اقلام قابل قبول برای جانشینی کالای نظامی
مهندسی صنایع: استاندارد
یک استاندارد چیزی است که به عنوان پایه و اساس مقایسات ، مورد توافق عموم قرار گرفته است - یک نمونه یا مدل پذیرفته شده مهندسی صنایع: تولید: استاندارد الکترونیک: استاندارد ، کامپیوتر: استاندارد ، معمولی ، متعارف ، شیمی: معیار ، سنجه ، استاندارد ، تربیت بدنی: استاندارد ، تجارت خارجی: همسان ، همشکل ، همگون ، یکنواخت یکجور ، یکسان ، معیار ، استاندارد ، نورم ، مقیاس ، قسمت ساکن دستگاه ، علوم مهندسی: نمونه قانونی ، عیار قانونی ، استاندارد مقرر ، قانونی ، حقوق: دو میله عمودی پرش با نیزه یا پرش ارتفاع میله عمودی تکیه گاه وزنه ، وزنه برداری ، : ورزشی: استانده ، معماری: استاندارد ، مطابق نمونه ، مطابق معیار عمومی ، معمولی ، کالای جانشین رزمی ، اقلام مورد نیازی که جانشین کالای نظامی می شوند ، اقلام قابل قبول برای جانشینی کالای نظامی ، علوم نظامی: معیار ، روانشناسی: متعارف ، معیار، استاندارد، همگون ، الگو، قالب ، مقرر، قانونی ، نمونه قبول شده ، معین ، متعارفی ، نشان ، پرچم ، متداول ، مرسوم کامپیوتر: استاندارد

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- benchmark, average, criterion, gauge, grade, guideline, measure, model, norm, yardstick
- often plural: principles, ethics, ideals, morals
- flag, banner, ensign
- usual, average, basic, customary, normal, orthodox, regular, typical
- accepted, approved, authoritative, definitive, established, official, recognized
Related Idioms: rule of thumb
Related Words: average, mean, median, norm, par, axiom, belief, fundamental, principle, law, rule, exemplar, model, pattern, dick
English Thesaurus: normal, ordinary, average, standard, routine, ...

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Standard, The
Evening Standard

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I. standard1 S2 W2 /ˈstændəd $ -ərd/ noun
[Word Family: noun: standard, standardization; adjective: stardard, substandard; verb: standardize]
[Date: 1100-1200; Language: Old French; Origin: estandard 'battle-flag']

1. LEVEL OF QUALITY/ACHIEVEMENT [uncountable and countable] the level that is considered to be acceptable, or the level that someone or something has achieved:
Students have to reach a certain standard or they won’t pass.
The airline has rigorous safety standards.
standard of
The committee is assessing the standard of care in local hospitals.

2. MORAL PRINCIPLESstandards [plural] moral principles about what kind of behaviour or attitudes are acceptable:
the recent decline in moral standards
standards fall/slip/go down
Standards have slipped since I was a boy.

3. MEASUREMENT [countable] a fixed official rule for measuring weight, purity, value etc:
an official government standard for the purity of silver

4. SONG [countable] a popular song that has been sung by many different singers:
popular jazz standards

5. FLAG [countable] old-fashioned a flag used in ceremonies:
the royal standard
double standard, living standard

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II. standard2 S2 W2 adjective

1. accepted as normal or usual:
We paid them the standard rate.
standard practice/procedure (=the usual way of doing things)
Searching luggage at airports is now standard practice.
The format is fairly standard.

2. regular and usual in shape, size, quality etc Antonym : non-standard:
We make shoes in standard and wide sizes.
All these vans are made to a standard design.

3. a standard book, work etc is read by everyone studying a particular subject

4. the standard form of a language is the one considered to be correct and is used by most people Antonym : non-standard:
the standard spelling
standard English pronunciation

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VERBS be, be fitted as, come as Anti-lock brakes are fitted as standard.
ADV. almost The stations were built to a simple, almost standard design.
fairly, pretty a fairly standard method of assessing employees

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I. level of quality
ADJ. high | low, poor | minimum | acceptable, adequate, decent, proper, reasonable We must ensure proper standards of care for the elderly.
improved, rising | clear | objective Judged by any objective standards, the campaign was a disaster.
official, required | conventional, usual | consistent, uniform, universal | exacting, rigorous, strict, stringent | professional The work has been done to a professional standard.
international, national | quality We have to try and achieve the quality standards set by the project.
qualifying The Olympic qualifying standard has been set at 64.50m.
living The region enjoys the highest living standards in Europe.
accounting, advertising, safety, trading, etc. | academic, educational, environmental, health, intellectual, technical, etc.
VERB + STANDARD have The agency has very high standards.
boast, enjoy | define, establish, set | achieve, meet, reach The factory is struggling to meet national environmental standards. She has reached an acceptable standard of English.
fall short of The hotel service fell short of the usual standard.
apply, enforce, provide It's impossible to apply the same academic standards across the country.
judge sb/sth by | improve, raise | lower | maintain, sustain
PREP. above/below (the) ~ Your work is below standard.
by … standards By modern standards, he isn't a particularly fast runner.
to a … ~ The building work had not been completed to a satisfactory standard.
up to ~ We need to bring our computer system up to standard.
~ in standards in safety
PHRASES by any standard She's a great violinist by any standard.
a drop/fall in the standard, an increase/a rise in the standard There has been an increase in the standard of service provided.
a standard of living the fall in their standard of living caused by redundancy

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II. (usually standards) acceptable level of behaviour
ADJ. declining, falling My grandparents are always complaining about falling moral standards.
double the double standard frequently encountered in nineteenth-century attitudes to sex
ethical, moral
VERB + STANDARD prescribe | keep up, maintain | improve, raise
STANDARD + VERB drop, fall
PHRASES standards of behaviour/conduct

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meet/reach a standard
Many food businesses fail to meet basic standards of hygiene.
set/lay down a standard
The government sets standards that all hospitals must reach.
raise/improve standards
We are determined to raise standards in our schools.
lower standards
He refused to lower his standards.
maintain standards (=keep them at a good level)
Television companies should maintain standards of taste and decency.
standards improve
The standard of this festival improves every year.
standards fall/slip/decline
School inspectors say that educational standards have fallen.
The standard of their work was generally very high.
The report says the standard of children’s diet in Britain is poor.
All too often their behaviour has fallen below acceptable standards.
stringent/strict/rigorous/tough standards (=high standards that are difficult to reach)
The Marines’ rigorous standards mean that only a small proportion of applicants are successful.
international standards
Clearly there is a need for international standards to be laid down to govern food safety.
safety/hygiene/quality etc standards
All our products meet the current safety standards.
academic/educational standards
There had been a policy of raising academic standards within the school.
environmental standards (=to protect the environment)
They called on the Indian government to apply stricter environmental standards.
professional standards (=within a particular profession)
The institutions have an evident interest in maintaining professional standards.
living standards (also standard of living) (=the level of comfort and the amount of money people have)
Living standards at all income levels improved over that period.
an improvement/rise in standards
There has been an improvement in living standards.
a decline/drop in standards
There has been a general decline in standards of literacy among undergraduates.
be/come up to standard (=be good enough)
Her work was not up to standard.
be below standard (=not be good enough)
His performance yesterday was below standard.
by modern standards/today’s standards
The technology was crude by modern standards.
by our standards (=judging by what we are used to)
The equipment was very old-fashioned by our standards.
by British/African etc standards
Class sizes are small by British standards.

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