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steadfast /ˈstedfɑːst $ -fæst/ adjective

ثابت قدم ، استوار ، پابرجای ، خیره
Synonyms: firm, faithful, fast, fixed, intent, loyal, resolute, stalwart, staunch, steady, unswerving, unwavering
Antonyms: unsteadfast, vacillating, capricious
Related Words: unfaltering, unflinching, unquestioning, unwavering
English Thesaurus: faithful, loyal, devoted, staunch, steadfast, ...

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steadfast /ˈstedfɑːst $ -fæst/ adjective literary
[Language: Old English; Origin: stedefæst 'fixed in place']

1. faithful and very loyal:
her father’s steadfast love for her

2. being certain that you are right about something and refusing to change your opinion in any way
steadfast in
Dr. Faraday remained steadfast in his plea of innocence.
—steadfastly adverb
—steadfastness noun [uncountable]

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