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still /stɪl/ adverb
still verb

ساکن ، بی جوش ، بی کف
(adj&adv.) ارام ، بی حرکت ، راکد ، همیشه ، بازهم ، هنوزهم معذلک ، vi&n ( ، :) vtارام کردن ، ساکت کردن ، خاموش شدن ، دستگاه تقطیر ، عرق گرفتن از ، سکوت ، خاموشی ، علوم مهندسی: راکد ، شیمی: دستگاه تقطیر
- motionless, calm, peaceful, restful, serene, stationary, tranquil, undisturbed
- silent, hushed, quiet
- quieten, allay, calm, hush, lull, pacify, quiet, settle, silence, soothe
- however, but, nevertheless, notwithstanding, yet
Antonyms: noisy, agitate
Contrasted words: roiled, roily, turbid
Related Idioms: deathly still, still as death, still (or even) more
Related Words: peaceful, unperturbed, calm, hushed, placid, serene, tranquil, deathlike, deathly
English Thesaurus: calm, relaxed, chilled-out, laid-back, mellow, ...

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I. still1 S1 W1 /stɪl/ adverb

1. up to a particular point in time and continuing at that moment:
I still haven’t finished painting the spare room.
Do you still have Julie’s phone number?
Still usually comes before the verb, unless the verb is a simple tense of ‘be’, or after the first auxiliary:
The system still works.
It was still dark outside.
I can still remember them.
Still usually comes before any negative word or before 'do not':
She still isn’t ready.
They still can’t decide.
I’m still not tired.
We still do not know exactly what happened.
Do not say 'still now':
Inflation is still (NOT still now) a problem.

2. in spite of what has just been said or done:
Clare didn’t do much work, but she still passed the exam.
[sentence adverb]
The hotel was terrible. Still, we were lucky with the weather.

3. still more/further/another/other used to emphasize that something increases more, there is more of something etc:
Kevin grew still more depressed.

4. better/harder/worse etc still (also still better/harder/worse etc) even better, harder etc than something else:
Dan found biology difficult, and physics harder still.

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II. still2 S3 adjective
[Language: Old English; Origin: stille]

1. not moving:
We stood still and watched as the deer came closer.
Keep still while I tie your shoe.
the still waters of the lake

2. quiet and calm:
The house was completely still.

3. not windy:
a hot still day

4. British English a still drink does not contain gas:
still or sparkling mineral water

5. still waters run deep used to say that someone who is quiet may have very strong feelings or a lot of knowledge
—stillness noun [uncountable]:
Somewhere in the stillness of the night, an owl hooted.

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III. still3 noun [countable]
[Sense 1,3: Date: 1600-1700; Origin: still2]
[Sense 2: Date: 1500-1600; Origin: distill]

1. a photograph of a scene from a film

2. a piece of equipment for making alcoholic drinks from grain or potatoes

3. the still of the night/evening etc literary the calm and quiet of the night etc

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IV. still4 verb literary

1. [intransitive and transitive] to stop moving, or make something stop moving:
The ground beneath them trembled, then stilled.

2. [intransitive and transitive] if a noise stills or is stilled, it stops:
The murmurs stilled.
He stilled their protests with a wave of his hands.

3. [transitive] if a doubt or fear is stilled, it becomes weaker or goes away

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I. not moving
VERBS be, hold, keep, lie, sit, stand, stay Hold still a minute while I pin your dress up. For goodness' sake, sit still!
hold sb/sth, keep sb/sth I held the cat still while the vet gave the injection.
ADV. very | absolutely, quite, stock-He stood stock-still, hardly daring to breathe.

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II. calm and quiet
VERBS be, look, seem | become, go Suddenly everything went still.
ADV. very | completely It was a completely still, warm evening.
strangely The air was strangely still and silent.

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BAD: I enjoy this type of music still now.
GOOD: I still enjoy this type of music.
BAD: The accident happened over ten years ago but still now I get upset when I think about it.
GOOD: The accident happened over ten years ago but I still get upset when I think about it.

Usage Note:
still (NOT still now ): 'My sister still believes in Santa Claus but I don't.'

BAD: It is my first time abroad and so I feel still excited and confused.
GOOD: It is my first time abroad and so I still feel excited and confused.
BAD: My country still is not very rich, but at least everyone has enough food to eat.
GOOD: My country is still not very rich, but at least everyone has enough food to eat.

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See: heart stand still

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