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stretch /stretʃ/ verb

کشش ، دراز کردن
(vt.& vi.) کشیدن ، امتداددادن ، بسط دادن ، منبسط کردن ، کش امدن ، کش اوردن ، کش دادن ، گشادشدن
(n.& adj.) بسط ، ارتجاع ، قطعه (زمین) ، اتساع ، کوشش ، خط ممتد ، دوره ، مدت ، علوم مهندسی: منبسط شدن ، ورزش: انبساط ، قسمت اخر مسیر اسبدوانی

: stretch (to)

معماری: کش امدن
کامپیوتر: کشش دادن

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- extend, cover, put forth, reach, spread, unroll
- pull, distend, draw out, elongate, expand, strain, tighten
- expanse, area, distance, extent, spread, tract
- period, space, spell, stint, term, time
Contrasted words: abbreviate, shorten, condense, curtail, cut, trim
Related Words: range, roll, area, region, tract
English Thesaurus: exercise, do some exercise/a lot of exercise etc, stay/keep/get in shape, keep fit, work out, ...

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I. stretch1 S3 W3 /stretʃ/ verb
[Language: Old English; Origin: streccan]

a) [intransitive and transitive] to make something bigger or looser by pulling it, or to become bigger or looser as a result of being pulled:
A spider’s web can stretch considerably without weakening.
Where can I buy those things that stretch your shoes?
b) [intransitive not in progressive] if a material stretches, it can become bigger or longer when you pull it and then return to its original shape when you stop

2. BODY [intransitive and transitive] to straighten your arms, legs, or body to full length:
Carl sat up in bed, yawned, and stretched.
Always stretch before exercising.

3. REACH [intransitive always +adverb/preposition] to reach a long way for something
stretch across/over
Ann stretched across the couch and grabbed the phone.

4. MAKE SOMETHING TIGHT [transitive] to pull something so that it is tight:
The canvas is stretched over a wooden frame.

5. TIME/SERIES [intransitive, transitive always + adverb/preposition] to continue over a period of time or in a series, or to make something do this
stretch into/on/over etc
Berg’s career as a government official stretched over 20 years.
With a goal in the second half, Spurs stretched their lead to 3–0.

6. IN SPACE [intransitive always + adverb/preposition] to spread out or cover a large area of land
stretch to/into/away etc
Row after row of orange trees stretched to the horizon.
a line stretching around the block

7. stretch your legs informal to go for a walk, especially after sitting for a long time

8. stretch (sb’s) patience/credulity to be almost beyond the limits of what someone can accept or believe:
The kids stretch my patience to the limit.

9. RULE/LIMIT [transitive] British English to allow something that would not normally be allowed by a rule or limit:
This once, I’ll stretch the rules and let you leave work early.
We’ll stretch a point (=allow a rule to be broken) and let the baby travel free this time.stretch the rules at rule1(1)

10. stretch the truth/facts to say or write something that is not completely true:
Reporters sometimes stretch the facts to make a point.

11. be stretching it informal to make something seem more important, bigger etc than it really is:
He’s a good player, but ‘world class’ is stretching it.

12. FOOD/MONEY [intransitive and transitive] if you make an amount of money, food etc stretch or it stretches, you use less of it than you usually would so that you have it for a longer time:
I’m going to have to stretch this $20 until payday.

13. be stretched (to the limit) to have hardly enough money, supplies, time etc for your needs:
We’re stretched at the moment, otherwise we’d go.

14. not stretch to something British English if someone’s money will not stretch to something, they cannot afford it:
The budget won’t stretch to a new car this year.

15. ABILITIES [transitive] to make someone use all of their skill, abilities, or intelligence:
The work’s too easy. The students aren’t being stretched enough.
stretch out phrasal verb

1. informal to lie down, usually in order to sleep or rest:
I’m just going to stretch out on the couch for ten minutes.

2. stretch something ↔ out to put out your hand, foot etc in order to reach something:
Jimmy stretched out his hand to take the candy.

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II. stretch2 noun

1. LENGTH OF LAND/WATER [countable] an area of land or water, especially one that is long and narrow
stretch of
a beautiful stretch of countryside

2. TIME [countable] a continuous period of time
stretch of
a stretch of three weeks without sunshine
She doesn’t leave the house for long stretches of time.
She rarely sleeps for eight hours at a stretch (=without stopping).

3. BODY [countable] the action of stretching a part of your body out to its full length, or a particular way of doing this:
The ski instructor showed us some special stretches.

4. by any stretch (of the imagination) spoken used to emphasize that a negative statement is true:
My family wasn’t wealthy by any stretch of the imagination.

5. the home/final stretch
a) the last part of a track before the end of a race
b) the last part of an activity, trip, or process:
As they enter the home stretch of the campaign, the president’s lead has grown.

6. MATERIAL [uncountable] the ability a material has to increase in length or width without tearing ⇒ stretchy

7. at full stretch British English
a) using everything that is available:
With staff shortages and appalling weather conditions, the emergency services were at full stretch.
b) with your body or part of your body stretched as far as possible:
He dived and caught the ball at full stretch.

8. JAIL [countable usually singular] informal a period of time spent in prison

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III. stretch3 adjective [only before noun]
stretch clothes or material stretch if you pull them, and then return to their original shape:
stretch Levis

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I. area of land or water
ADJ. great, huge, large, long, open, vast, wide A great stretch of ocean lay beneath them.
narrow, short, small | straight a straight stretch of road
continuous, unbroken | beautiful, lovely | deserted, empty, lonely an empty stretch of beach
fast | dangerous, hazardous | coastal a wild uninhabited coastal stretch
PREP. along a/the ~ There are tailbacks along a 10-mile stretch of the motorway.
on a/the ~ The festival is being held on a stretch of parkland near the river.
~ of

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II. stretching
ADJ. good | gentle
VERB + STRETCH have Have a good stretch from time to time to prevent yourself getting stiff.
PHRASES at full stretch Her arms were at full stretch.

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I. pull sth tight
ADV. taut/tautly, tight/tightly Make sure that the rope is stretched tight. Stretch the fabric tightly over the frame.
PREP. across, between, over Striped awnings had been stretched across the courtyard.

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II. your body/part of the body
ADV. gently | lazily, luxuriously He stirred and stretched lazily.
full-length Andrea turned out the light and stretched full-length on the bed.
down, forwards, out, up, upwards She stretched up to reach the top shelf.

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III. cover a large area
ADV. far The wood does not stretch very far.
endlessly | ahead, away The road stretched ahead.
VERB + STRETCH seem to The beach seemed to stretch endlessly.
PREP. along, beyond, for The beach stretches for five miles.
from, into, to an area which stretches from London to the north

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IV. continue over a period of time
ADV. endlessly | back, out The town's history stretches back to before 1500.
PREP. before Endless summer days stretched out before us.
into The talks look set to stretch into a second week.

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V. your ability/intelligence
ADV. really | fully We can't take on any more work?we're fully stretched as it is.
PREP. to This department is stretched to its limit.

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