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study /ˈstʌdi/ noun (plural studies)
study verb (past tense and past participle studied, present participle studying, third person singular studies)

غور ، موضوع تحصیلی ، اتاق مطالعه ، تحصیل کردن ، مطالعه کردن ، درس خواندن ، خوانش ، بررسی کردن ، معماری: طرح ازمایشی ، روانشناسی: تحقیق
کامپیوتر: مطالعه

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- contemplate, consider, examine, go into, ponder, pore over, read
- learn, cram (informal), mug up (Brit. slang), read up, swot (up) (Brit. informal)
- examine, analyse, investigate, look into, research, scrutinize, survey
- learning, application, lessons, reading, research, school work, swotting (Brit. informal)
- examination, analysis, consideration, contemplation, inquiry, inspection, investigation, review, scrutiny, survey
Related Idioms: give careful study to
Related Words: contemplation, weighing, abstraction, meditation, musing, pondering, rumination
English Thesaurus: article, story, piece, feature, review, ...

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I. study1 S2 W3 /ˈstʌdi/ noun (plural studies)
[Word Family: noun: student, study, studiousness; adjective: studious, studied; verb: study; adverb: studiously]
[Date: 1100-1200; Language: Old French; Origin: estudie, from Latin studium 'mental effort, eagerness, study', from studere 'to be eager, try to be helpful, study']

1. RESEARCH [countable] a piece of work that is done to find out more about a particular subject or problem, and usually includes a written report:
Recent studies show that women still get paid a lot less than men.
study of/into/on
a study of Australian wild birds
The study was carried out between January and May study

2. LEARNING [uncountable] when you spend time learning, especially at home or by yourself rather than during school:
Set aside a period of time specifically for study.
ways to improve study skills (=skills that help you study efficiently and be successful in school)

3. SUBJECT [uncountable] (also studies [plural])
a subject that people study at a college or university
study of
Linguistics is the study of language.
Environmental Studies
literary/historical/scientific etc study
the scientific study of earthquakes

4. sb’s studies the work that someone does in order to learn about a particular subject, especially the courses they take at a college or university:
How are your studies coming along?
begin/continue/stop etc your studies
I gave up my studies when I had the baby.

5. CAREFUL CONSIDERATION [uncountable] when you examine or consider something very carefully and in detail:
a report that deserves careful study

6. ROOM [countable] a room in a house that is used for work or study ⇒ office

7. ART [countable] a small detailed drawing, especially one that is done to prepare for a large painting:
Renoir’s studies of small plants and flowers

8. MUSIC [countable] a piece of music, usually for piano, that is often intended for practice

9. make a study of something to try to find out more about a subject

10. be a study in something literary to be a perfect example of something:
His face was a study in fear.

11. a quick study American English someone who learns things quickly

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II. study2 S2 W2 verb (past tense and past participle studied, present participle studying, third person singular studies)
[Word Family: noun: student, study, studiousness; adjective: studious, studied; verb: study; adverb: studiously]

1. [intransitive and transitive] to learn about a subject at school, university etc:
I’ve been studying English for six years.
I can’t study with that music playing all the time.
study law/business/history etc (=study a subject at a school or university)
Anna is studying French literature.
study at a university/school etc
Stephen is currently studying at Exeter University.
study to be a doctor/lawyer etc
My brother’s studying to be an accountant.
study for an exam/diploma etc
I’ve only got three weeks left to study for my exams.
study under somebody (=be trained by a famous teacher)
a psychologist who studied under Jung in Zurich

2. [transitive] to try to find out more about a subject or problem, using scientific methods:
Goodall was studying the behavior of chimpanzees in the wild.
The scientists were studying the action of a protein called ubiquitin.
study how/what/why etc
They’re studying how stress affects body chemistry.

3. [transitive] to look at something carefully Synonym : look at:
She studied his face.
They got out of the car and studied the map.
I haven’t had time to study the proposals yet.

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I. learning
ADJ. full-time, part-time | graduate, postgraduate | independent, private This grammar book is suitable both for classroom use and for independent study.
academic The course integrates academic study and practical training.
QUANT. course, programme
VERB + STUDY take up Now that her children are all at school, she's going to take up full-time study again.
STUDY + NOUN group A bible study group meets every Sunday at the church.
leave The company allows its staff to take paid study leave.
skills The first part of the course is designed to develop students' study skills.
PREP. ~ for full-time study for an MA
PHRASES an area/a field of study Students do a foundation year before specializing in their chosen field of study. 2 studies sb's learning activities
ADJ. further Many undertake further studies after passing their A levels.
VERB + STUDY undertake | continue, pursue | complete, finish When he has completed his studies, he'll travel round the world.
resume, return to She returned to her studies when her children reached school age. 3 studies subjects
ADJ. business, management, religious, women's, etc. She's doing women's studies at Liverpool University.
VERB + STUDY do | lecture in, teach He lectures in management studies.

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IV. piece of research
ADJ. new, present, recent The present study reveals an unacceptable level of air pollution in the city centre.
earlier, previous | careful, close, comprehensive, detailed, intensive, serious a close study of share prices She devoted herself to a serious study of the Koran.
major | definitive | initial, pilot, preliminary A preliminary study suggested that the product would be popular.
research Research studies carried out in Italy confirmed the theory.
empirical, experimental, systematic, theoretical | anthropological, historical, scientific, sociological | field This phenomenon has been observed in both laboratory and field studies.
feasibility The company undertook an extensive feasibility study before adopting the new system.
literary | case a detailed case study of nine companies
comparative a comparative study of the environmental costs of different energy sources
VERB + STUDY commission, fund, support the recommendations of a study commissioned by the World Bank
carry out, conduct, do, make, undertake, work on He has made a special study of the way that birds communicate with one another.
STUDY + VERB take place | aim at/to, be aimed at sth, attempt to, be designed to, set out to The study set out to examine bias in television news coverage.
be based on sth a study based on a sample of male white-collar workers
cover sth The ten-year study covered 13,000 people aged 15-25.
concern sth, deal with sth, examine sth, focus on sth, investigate sth, look at sth | compare sth The study compares the incidence of bone cancer in men and women.
conclude sth, demonstrate sth, find sth, indicate sth, report sth, reveal sth, say sth, show sth, suggest sth, warn sth | provide sth The study provided valuable insight into the development of the disease.
highlight sth, identify sth The study highlighted three problem areas.
STUDY + NOUN group The study group was selected from a broad cross section of the population.
PREP. in a/the ~ In a recent study, 40% of schools were found to be understaffed.
under ~ the biochemical process under study
~ into a study into the viability of the mine
~ on a definitive study on medieval weapons
PHRASES an area/a field of study, the results/findings of a study, the subject of a study Shakespeare is the subject of a new study by Anthony Bryan.

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I. spend time learning about sth
ADV. hard
PREP. for She is studying hard for her A levels.
under/with He studied under Professor Sager.

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II. examine sth carefully
ADV. carefully, closely, in depth, in detail, intently, intensively She picked up the letter and studied it carefully. In the third year a number of areas are studied in detail.
extensively, widely | fully, thoroughly | systematically | thoughtfully He studied her thoughtfully, then smiled.
PHRASES be easily/well studied The influence of heredity is best studied in genetically identical twins.

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do a study/carry out a study (also conduct a study formal)
The scientists are carrying out a study into the effects of global warming.
a study finds something
The study found that men were more likely to take risks.
a study shows something
Studies have shown that the drug works.
a study suggests/indicates something
A British study suggests that older drivers are safer drivers.
a study reveals something (=shows something, especially something surprising)
A recent study revealed that 74% of donuts are bought on impulse.
a study confirms something (=shows that something is true)
The study confirms what we all know – smoking is also bad for the people around you.
a study aims to do something
The study aimed to identify the housing needs of local people.
publish a study
The study was published in the British Medical Journal.
fund a study (=pay for it)
The study was funded by a major US drugs company.
commission a study (=ask someone to carry out a study)
The government has commissioned a study into the health of residents living near the power station.
a research study
Research studies have found that young people are drinking no more than they were 20 years ago.
a detailed study (also an in-depth study)
They carried out a detailed study into the effects of the disease on mice.
a two-year/three-month etc study
They are engaged in a five-year study into the effects of calcium on bone health.
a huge/massive study
The journal published the results of a massive study of 87,000 women.
a previous/earlier study
The report is a summary of the work done in earlier studies.
a pilot study (=one done to find out if something will be successful)
The government has just completed a pilot study, with some encouraging results.
a feasibility study (=one done to find out if something is possible or practical)
They commissioned a feasibility study into re-opening the whole railway line.
the aims of a study
The aims of this study are to examine the reliability of current techniques.
the results/findings of a study
The results of this study suggest that the drug is effective in over 80% of cases.
His research confirmed the findings of earlier studies.

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BAD: She's studying history in Oxford University.
GOOD: She's studying history at Oxford University.

Usage Note:
See in 5

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BAD: Next July I'm going to the USA to continue my study.
GOOD: Next July I'm going to the USA to continue my studies.

Usage Note:
To refer to the work that a student does at a college or university, use studies : 'After the war he resumed his studies at the University of Turin.'
Compare: 'They are conducting a study of sex education in local secondary schools.'

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See: brown study

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