stumbling block
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ˈstumbling ˌblock noun [countable]

سنگ لغزش ، مانع ، موجب لغزش ، سبب سقوط
stumbling block
Synonyms: obstacle, bar, Chinese wall, hamper, hurdle, impediment, mountain, obstuction, rub, snag

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ˈstumbling ˌblock noun [countable]
a problem or difficulty that stops you from achieving something
stumbling block to
The main stumbling block to starting new research is that we lack qualified people.

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stumbling block
ADJ. big, main, major, real
PREP. ~ to The question of disarmament proved a major stumbling block to agreement.

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stumbling block
a problem which prevents someone from achieving something.
Lack of willingness to compromise is the main stumbling block to reaching a settlement.
(often + to)
Money, obviously, is a major stumbling block in any project of this size.

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stumbling block
something that prevents or obstructs progress
The issue of salary was a stumbling block in the negotiations between the company and the union.

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