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stump /stʌmp/ noun [countable]

هر کدام از سه میله عمودی کریکت ، کنده درخت ، ریشه (دندان) ، ته سیگار ، بیخ وبن ، صدای افتادن چیزسنگین ، سقوط باصدای سنگین ، خپله ، کوتاه قد ، خسته وکوفته ، از پا درامده ، بریدن ، قطع کردن ، سنگین افتادن ، گیج کردن ، دست پاچه شدن ، ورزش: سوزاندن توپزن کریکت
Synonyms: baffle, bewilder, confuse, flummox, mystify, nonplus, perplex, puzzle

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I. stump1 /stʌmp/ noun [countable]
[Date: 1200-1300; Language: Middle Low German]

1. the bottom part of a tree that is left in the ground after the rest of it has been cut down:
an old tree stump

2. the short part of someone’s leg, arm etc that remains after the rest of it has been cut off

3. the small useless part of something that remains after most of it has broken off or worn away:
There was only a stump of the candle left.

4. one of the three upright sticks in cricket that you throw the ball at

5. stump speech/speaker American English a speech made by a politician who is travelling around in order to gain political support, or the politician who gives this speech

6. be on the stump British English to be travelling around an area, making speeches in order to gain political support

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II. stump2 verb

1. [transitive usually passive] if you are stumped by a question or problem, you are unable to find an answer to it:
a case that has stumped the police
The doctors were stumped and had to call in a specialist.

2. [intransitive] to walk with heavy steps Synonym : stomp
stump up/along/across etc
He stumped down the hall.

3. [transitive] to put a batsman out of the game in cricket by touching the stumps with the ball when he is out of the hitting area

4. [intransitive and transitive] American English to travel around an area, meeting people and making speeches in order to gain political support:
Alexander has been stumping in New Hampshire.
stump up (something) phrasal verb British English informal
to pay money, even if it is difficult or when you do not want to:
We stumped up eight quid each.

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See: take the stump or take to the stump , up a stump

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