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ˌsubstitute ˈteacher (also substitute, sub) noun [countable]
substitute /ˈsʌbstətjuːt, ˈsʌbstɪtjuːt $ -tuːt/ noun [countable]

حیلوله ، علی البدل ، بازیگر ذخیره ، قائم مقام ، جایگزین کردن ، عوض ، جانشین کردن ، تعویض کردن ، جابجاکردن ، بدل ، علوم مهندسی: جانشین ، قانون ـ فقه: قائم مقام ، روانشناسی: جانشین ، ورزش: تعویض بازیگر ، علوم نظامی: جانشین کردن
مهندسی صنایع: تولید: جانشین

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- replace, change, exchange, interchange, swap, switch
- replacement, agent, deputy, locum, proxy, reserve, sub, surrogate
- replacement, alternative, fall-back, proxy, reserve, second, surrogate
Related Words: relay, relief, deputy, procurator, proxy, supply, double, understudy, additional, another, other, second, reserve, supplemental, supplementary, suppletory

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I. ˌsubstitute ˈteacher (also substitute, sub informal) noun [countable]
American English a teacher who teaches a class when the usual teacher is ill Synonym : supply teacher British English

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II. substitute1 AC /ˈsʌbstətjuːt, ˈsʌbstɪtjuːt $ -tuːt/ noun [countable]
[Word Family: noun: substitute, substitution; verb: substitute]
[Date: 1400-1500; Language: Latin; Origin: past participle of substituere 'to put in place of', from statuere; statute]

1. (also sub informal) someone who does someone else’s job for a limited period of time, especially in a sports team or school:
Germany brought on a substitute at half time.
substitute goalkeeper
substitute for
The coach has to find a substitute for Tim.

2. a person or thing that you use instead of the one that you usually have, because the usual one is not available:
a sugar substitute
a father substitute

3. be no substitute for something used to emphasize that something is not as good as another thing:
Vitamin pills are no substitute for a healthy diet.

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III. substitute2 AC verb
[Word Family: noun: substitute, substitution; verb: substitute]

1. [transitive] to use something new or different instead of something else
substitute something for something
The recipe says you can substitute yoghurt for the sour cream.

2. [intransitive] to do someone’s job until the person who usually does it is able to do it again Synonym : stand in
substitute for
Bill substituted for Larry, who was off sick.

3. [transitive] to replace someone with another person, especially another player:
Michael Owen had to be substituted after 20 minutes on the field.

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ADJ. good | acceptable, adequate, satisfactory | close | poor The television is a poor substitute for human companionship.
VERB + SUBSTITUTE act as, serve as His teacher acted as a father substitute.
use sth as | produce, provide The company produces substitutes for lead in petrol.
PREP. ~ for There's no substitute for hard work.

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