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suffer /ˈsʌfə $ -ər/ verb

اجازه دادن ، زحمت ، زیان دیدن ، تحمل کردن ، کشیدن ، تن در دادن به ، رنج بردن ، قانون ـ فقه: تحمل کردن ، علوم نظامی: تلفات دیدن
- undergo, bear, endure, experience, go through, sustain
- tolerate, put up with (informal)
Related Idioms: grin and abide
Related Words: accept, admit, receive, countenance, acquiesce, bow, submit, yield

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suffer S1 W1 /ˈsʌfə $ -ər/ verb
[Word Family: noun: sufferer, suffering, sufferance; verb: suffer; adverb: insufferably; adjective: insufferable]
[Date: 1100-1200; Language: Old French; Origin: souffrir, from Vulgar Latin sufferire, from Latin sufferre, from sub- (sub-) + ferre 'to bear']

1. PAIN [intransitive and transitive] to experience physical or mental pain:
At least he died suddenly and didn’t suffer.
She’s suffering a lot of pain.
suffer from
I’m suffering from a bad back.
Mary’s suffering from ill health at the moment.

In everyday English, people usually say that someone has a medical condition, rather than suffers from it:
Both her children have asthma.

2. BAD EXPERIENCE/SITUATION [intransitive and transitive] if someone suffers an unpleasant or difficult experience, or is in a difficult situation, it happens to them or they experience it
suffer from
London employers were suffering from a desperate shortage of school-leavers.
Most of us have suffered the consequences of stupid decisions taken by others.
In June 1667, England suffered a humiliating defeat by the Dutch.
suffer loss/damage/injury
They are unlikely to suffer any further loss of business.
He suffered head injuries in the crash.
A man who suffered serious brain damage during an operation is suing the hospital.
Small businesses have suffered financially during the recession.

3. BECOME WORSE [intransitive] to become worse in quality because a bad situation is affecting something or because nobody is taking care of it Antonym : benefit:
Safety might suffer if costs are cut.
I’m worried and my work is beginning to suffer.

4. not suffer fools gladly to not be patient with people you think are stupid:
He was a perfectionist who didn’t suffer fools gladly.

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ADV. a lot, badly, greatly, severely, terribly This area suffered very badly in the storms.
needlessly Thousands of children in the world today suffer needlessly.
VERB + SUFFER be likely to Premature babies are more likely to suffer from breathing difficulties in childhood.
PREP. for I played tennis yesterday and I know I shall suffer for it today.
from She suffers from asthma.
with He suffers terribly with migraines.
PHRASES suffer in silence They were just expected to suffer in silence.

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suffer an injury
Ten people suffered minor injuries.
suffer a heart attack/stroke
He died after suffering a massive heart attack.
suffer damage
The U.S. ship suffered no damage.
suffer a defeat
The team has now suffered five successive defeats.
suffer a setback
Her preparations for the Olympic Games suffered a setback when she injured her leg during training.
suffer a blow (=experience a situation or event that causes difficulty or sadness)
The government suffered another blow when a report claimed that standards in education were falling.
suffer a loss
Both companies have suffered heavy financial losses.
suffer a problem
Research shows that children of alcoholic parents are more likely to suffer problems in adulthood.
suffer the consequences
If they cannot learn to adapt, they will suffer the consequences.
suffer badly/greatly
The town had suffered badly in the war.
suffer financially
The museum suffered financially under his administration.

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BAD: The woman was so unpleasant that none of us could suffer her.
GOOD: The woman was so unpleasant that none of us could tolerate her.

Usage Note:
See note at SUPPORT (support)

BAD: The other passenger suffered from serious leg injuries.
GOOD: The other passenger suffered serious leg injuries.
BAD: Most of the carriers suffer hemophilia.
GOOD: Most of the carriers suffer from hemophilia.

Usage Note:
suffer an injury, pain, loss, defeat, etc (WITHOUT from ): 'She can walk again, but she still suffers a lot of pain.' 'The party suffered yet another humiliating defeat in the recent by-election.
suffer from a disease, poverty, starvation, etc: 'A lot of the children we saw were suffering from malnutrition.' 'Aunt Linda suffers from arthritis.'

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