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suppose /səˈpəʊz $ -ˈpoʊz/ verb [transitive]

انگاشتن ، فرض کردن ، گمان کردن ، پنداشتن ، فرض کنید ، بازرگانی: تصور کردن
- presume, assume, conjecture, expect, guess (informal, chiefly U.S. & Canad.), imagine, think
- imagine, conjecture, consider, hypothesize, postulate, pretend
Related Words: presuppose

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suppose S1 W1 /səˈpəʊz $ -ˈpoʊz/ verb [transitive]
[Word Family: verb: suppose, presuppose; noun: supposition, presupposition; adverb: supposedly; adjective: supposed]
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old French; Origin: supposer, from Latin supponere 'to put under, substitute', from sub- (sub-) + ponere 'to put']


1. I suppose
a) used to say you think something is true, although you are uncertain about it Synonym : I guess
I suppose (that)
I suppose you’re right.
So things worked out for the best, I suppose.
‘Aren’t you pleased?’ ‘Yes, I suppose so.’
b) used when agreeing to let someone do something, especially when you do not really want to Synonym : I guess:
‘Can we come with you?’ ‘Oh, I suppose so.’
c) used when saying in an angry way that you expect something is true Synonym : I guess
I suppose (that)
I suppose you thought you were being clever!
d) used to say that you think that something is probably true, although you wish it was not and hope someone will tell you it is not Synonym : I guess
I suppose (that)
I suppose it’s too late to apply for that job now.
e) used when guessing that something is true Synonym : I guess:
She looked about 50, I suppose.

2. I don’t suppose (that)
a) used to ask a question in an indirect way, especially if you think the answer will be ‘no’:
I don’t suppose you have any idea where my address book is, do you?
b) used to ask for something in a very polite way:
I don’t suppose you’d give me a lift to the station?
c) used to say that you think it is unlikely something will happen:
I don’t suppose I’ll ever see her again.

3. do you suppose (that) ... ? used to ask someone their opinion about something, although you know that it is unlikely that they have any more information about the situation than you do:
Do you suppose this is the exact spot?
who/what/why etc do you suppose ... ?
Who on earth do you suppose could have done this?
How do you suppose he got here?

4. what’s that supposed to mean? used when you are annoyed by what someone has just said:
‘It sounds like things aren’t going too well for you lately.’ ‘What’s that supposed to mean?’

5. suppose/supposing (that) used when talking about a possible condition or situation, and then imagining the result:
Look, suppose you lost your job tomorrow, what would you do?
Supposing it really is a fire!

6. be supposed to do/be something
a) used to say what someone should or should not do, especially because of rules or what someone in authority has said:
We’re supposed to check out of the hotel by 11 o'clock.
I’m not supposed to tell anyone.
What time are you supposed to be there?
b) used to say what was or is expected or intended to happen, especially when it did not happen:
No one was supposed to know about it.
The meeting was supposed to take place on Tuesday, but we’ve had to postpone it.
The new laws are supposed to prevent crime.
c) used to say that something is believed to be true by many people, although it might not be true or you might disagree:
The castle is supposed to be haunted.
‘Dirty Harry’ is supposed to be one of Eastwood’s best films.
Mrs Carver is supposed to have a lot of money.
Do not say 'be suppose to do something'. Use be supposed to:
You’re supposed to take your shoes off.
He’s supposed to be very clever.

7. [not in progressive] to think that something is probably true, based on what you know Synonym : presume:
There were many more deaths than was first supposed.
suppose (that)
What makes you suppose we’re going to sell the house?
There’s no reason to suppose (=it is unlikely that) he’s lying.

8. [not in progressive] formal to expect that something will happen or be true, and to base your plans on it:
The company’s plan supposes a steady increase in orders.

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ADV. mistakenly, wrongly
VERB + SUPPOSE be plausible to, be reasonable to It's reasonable to suppose that people go into this business in search of fame.
be absurd to, be implausible to, be naive to, be unreasonable to
PHRASES be commonly/generally/popularly suppposed This combination of qualities is generally supposed to be extremely rare.
reason to suppose sth There is no reason to suppose she's lying.

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BAD: All their products are suppose to be guaranteed for six months.
GOOD: All their products are supposed to be guaranteed for six months.

Usage Note:
be supposed to be/do sth (WITH -d ): 'How many pages are we supposed to write?' 'You're supposed to be there in five minutes.'

BAD: It's a very unusual coat and so I suppose you will not have any trouble finding it.
GOOD: It's a very unusual coat and so I don't suppose you will have any trouble finding it.

Usage Note:
See note at THINK 6 (think)

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