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sustain /səˈsteɪn/ verb [transitive]

ثابت ، تند ، پایدار نگهداشتن ، نگهداشتن ، متحمل شدن ، تحمل کردن ، تقویت کردن ، حمایت کردن از ، علوم نظامی: نگهداشتن ادامه دادن
کامپیوتر: ثابت

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- maintain, continue, keep up, prolong, protract
- keep alive, aid, assist, help, nourish
- withstand, bear, endure, experience, feel, suffer, undergo
- support, bear, uphold
Contrasted words: abandon, forsake, ignore
Related Idioms: stand by
Related Words: nourish, support, prolong, lug, pack, tote, befriend, favor, bear, endure

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sustain W3 AC /səˈsteɪn/ verb [transitive]
[Word Family: noun: sustenance, sustainability; verb: sustain; adjective: sustainableunsustainable]
[Date: 1200-1300; Language: Old French; Origin: sustenir, from Latin sustinere 'to hold up, sustain', from sub- 'up' + tenere 'to hold']

1. MAKE SOMETHING CONTINUE to make something continue to exist or happen for a period of time Synonym : maintain:
She found it difficult to sustain the children’s interest.
He was incapable of sustaining close relationships with women.
the policies necessary to sustain economic growthsustained

2. SUFFER formal to suffer damage, an injury, or loss of money:
Two of the firefighters sustained serious injuries.
Some nearby buildings sustained minor damage.
The company has sustained heavy financial losses this year.

3. FOOD/DRINK formal if food or drink sustains a person, animal, or plant, it makes them able to continue living ⇒ sustenance:
They gave me barely enough food to sustain me.

4. GIVE STRENGTH formal to make someone feel strong and hopeful:
The thought of seeing her again was all that sustained me.

5. WEIGHT formal to hold up the weight of something Synonym : support:
He leant against her so heavily that she could barely sustain his weight.

6. IDEA formal to support an idea or argument, or prove that it is right:
This argument is difficult to sustain.

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ADV. long The soil was so badly eroded it could no longer sustain crop production.
indefinitely | still
VERB + SUSTAIN be able/unable to, can/could | help (to) | be difficult to, be hard to, be impossible to This relationship would be very difficult to sustain.

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