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tag /tæɡ/ noun

بر چسب ، منگوله ، نوار ، بند گردان سرود ، تهلیل ، مثال مبتذل ، گفته مبتذل ، ضمیمه کردن ، ضمیمه شدن به ، اتیکت چسباندن به ، برچسب زدن ، بدنبال اوردن ، گرگم بهوابازی کردن ، علامت زدن ، علوم مهندسی: علامت ، کامپیوتر: علامت زدن ، ورزش: جسمی براق در انتهای قلاب برای جلب ماهی ، علوم نظامی: نوار پشت پوتین کارت معرفی
الکترونیک: برچسب ، برچسب زدن ، علامت زدن ، کامپیوتر: بر چسب ، علامت ، علوم مهندسی: جسمی براق در انتهای قلاب برای جلب ماهی ، ورزشی: برچسب ، اتیکت ، نوار پشت پوتین کارت معرفی ، علوم نظامی: برچسب ، منگوله ، نوار، بند گردان سرود، تهلیل ، مثال مبتذل ، گفته مبتذل ، ضمیمه کردن ، ضمیمه شدن به ، اتیکت چسباندن به ، برچسب زدن ، بدنبال اوردن ، گرگم بهوابازی کردن ، علامت زدن کامپیوتر: برچسب ، در زبان HTML هر یک از دستوراتی که درون < > قرار دارند

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- label, flap, identification, mark, marker, note, slip, tab, ticket
- label, mark
- with along
on: accompany, attend, follow, shadow, tail (informal), trail

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I. tag1 /tæɡ/ noun

1. SMALL PIECE OF PAPER ETC [countable] a small piece of paper, plastic etc attached to something to show what it is, who owns it, what it costs etc
name/identity/price tag
All the staff wore name tags.dog tag

2. GAME [uncountable] a children’s game in which one player chases and tries to touch the others

3. ELECTRONIC OBJECT (also electronic tag) [countable] British English a piece of equipment that you attach to an animal or person, especially someone who has just left prison, so that you always know where they are

4. COMPUTER [countable] a computer code attached to a word or phrase in a computer document in order to arrange the data in a particular way

5. NAME [countable] a word or phrase which is used to describe a person, group, or thing, but which is often unfair or not correct:
His speed earned him the tag of ‘the runner’.

6. GRAMMAR [countable] technical a tag question

7. NAME PAINTED ON WALL [countable] especially American English informal someone’s name that they paint illegally on a wall, vehicle etc

8. CAR American English
a) tags [plural] informal the license plates on a car
b) [countable] a small piece of sticky plastic with a date on it that you put on your car’s license plate to show that the car is legally allowed on the road in that year

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II. tag2 verb (past tense and past participle tagged, present participle tagging) [transitive]

1. to attach a tag to something:
Each bird was tagged and released into the wild.

2. to give someone or something a name or title, or describe them in a particular way
be tagged (as) something
The country no longer wants to be tagged as a Third World nation.

3. to attach a tag in a computer program or document:
All the words are tagged with their part of speech.

4. informal to illegally paint your name on a wall, vehicle etc

5. American English to touch someone you are chasing in a game, especially to touch someone with the ball in baseball
tag along phrasal verb
to go somewhere with someone, especially when they have not asked you to go with them Synonym : tag on British English
tag along with
Kate tagged along with mum and Vicky.
tag on phrasal verb

1. tag something ↔ on to add something, especially something that was thought of later

2. British English to tag along

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I. label
ADJ. identity, name, price The baby had a plastic name tag on its ankle. Despite a price tag of £100,000, the car was sold in two days.
security | gift, luggage | ankle, ear, wrist
VERB + TAG attach, put I still have to put gift tags on all the presents.
PHRASES sth carries/has a price tag of £500/$10,000, etc. This designer suit carries a price tag of £2,000.

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II. reputation
VERB + TAG lose, shake off, shed The president made several jokes in an attempt to shake off his ‘humourless’ tag.

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a price tag
Don’t forgot to remove the price tag.
a name/an identity tag
Every baby had a name tag on his or her wrist.
a security tag (=to prevent something being stolen)
Expensive items such as leather jackets have security tags which have to be removed at the till.
a gift tag (=a tag attached to a gift that says who it is from)
You can buy gift wrap with matching gift tags.
a luggage tag
Was there a luggage tag on your suitcase?

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