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teaching /ˈtiːtʃɪŋ/ noun [uncountable]

تدریس ، اصول ، روانشناسی: تدریس
Synonyms: education, instruction, schooling, training, tuition, tutelage

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teaching S2 W2 /ˈtiːtʃɪŋ/ noun [uncountable]
[Word Family: noun: teacher, teaching, TEACHINGS; verb: teach]

1. the work or profession of a teacher:
Mrs Ward had many years of experience in teaching.
She’s thinking of going into teaching (=becoming a teacher).
language/science etc teaching
extra funding for English teaching in schools
the teaching profession
teaching methods/materials etc
teaching practice British English student teaching American English (=a period of teaching done by someone who is training to be a teacher)

2. (also teachings [plural]) the moral, religious, or political ideas of a particular person or group which are taught to other people
teaching of
the teachings of Gandhi
religious/Christian/Buddhist etc teachings

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I. work/profession of a teacher
ADJ. effective, good | poor | classroom a system that rewards good classroom teaching
whole-class | individual, one-to-one | collaborative, team | mixed-ability | formal, traditional the formal teaching of grammar
creative, experimental | remedial, support | academic, college, graduate, postgraduate, primary, school, secondary, undergraduate, university | English, language, music, etc.
VERB + TEACHING get/go into He's going to go into teaching.
TEACHING + NOUN method, strategy, style, technique | aid, material, resource She used puppets as teaching aids.
aim, objective, point Write each teaching point on the whiteboard. | ability, skills | experience, qualification Applicants must hold a recognized teaching qualification.
job, post | career Mr Murphy retired at the end of a disciples who passed on Jesus's teaching
base sth on the great moral teachings on which our culture is based
PREP. in the ~ regarded as the source of goodness in the teachings of Confucius
~ about/on the Church's teaching on forgiveness 30-year teaching career.
practice You have to do six weeks teaching practice as part of the course. | staff, profession They have left the teaching profession, demoralized and undervalued.
commitments, duties, load, responsibilities, role Lecturers who have heavy teaching loads.
centre, establishment, institution | environment, situation a teaching environment where English is not the first language
programme, session, term, year Work experience is integrated into the teaching programme. The teaching year runs from October to May.
time Critics say that these tests waste teaching time.
PREP. in ~ I've been in teaching for ten years.
PHRASES an approach to teaching the modern approach to language teaching
a method/style of teaching

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II. ideas and beliefs that are taught by sb
ADJ. ancient, traditional | biblical, moral, religious | Buddhist, Christian, etc.
VERB + TEACHING follow He followed the teachings of the Koran on this subject.
reject | explain, interpret | pass on, spread the

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language/English/science etc teaching
She has considerable experience in language teaching.
the teaching profession (=teachers, or the career of teaching)
Many of our undergraduates subsequently enter the teaching profession.
the teaching staff (=the teachers at a school, college etc)
She attended a girls' school where all the teaching staff were women.
teaching methods
Our teaching methods are quite traditional.
teaching materials
This will help teachers to prepare their own teaching materials.
a teaching aid (=a piece of equipment that a teacher uses in the classroom)
The school is equipped with modern teaching aids, including interactive whiteboards.
teaching practice British English, student teaching American English (=a period of teaching done by someone who is training to be a teacher)
There were 90 hours of teaching practice, of which 20 were supervised.
a teaching job/post
I was soon to take up my first teaching post.
a teaching career
She began her teaching career at a school in inner London.
a teaching establishment (=a school, college, or university)
Every higher education teaching establishment is subject to rigorous scrutiny.
go into teaching (=become a teacher)
Some very talented and dedicated people go into teaching.

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