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tendency /ˈtendənsi/ noun (plural tendencies) [countable]

گرایش ، تمایل ، میل ، توجه ، استعداد ، زمینه ، علاقه مختصر ، روانشناسی: گرایش ، بازرگانی: تمایل
مهندسی صنایع: گرایش ، تمایل

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Synonyms: inclination, disposition, leaning, liability, proclivity, proneness, propensity, susceptibility
Related Words: curve, inclination, leaning, propensity, turn, shift, custom, habit, usage, way

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tendency S3 W3 /ˈtendənsi/ noun (plural tendencies) [countable]
[Date: 1600-1700; Language: Medieval Latin; Origin: tendentia, from Latin tendere; tend]

1. if someone or something has a tendency to do or become a particular thing, they are likely to do or become it
a tendency to do something
Greg’s tendency to be critical made him unpopular with his co-workers.
The drug is effective but has a tendency to cause headaches.
tendency to/towards
Some people may inherit a tendency to alcoholism.
tendency for
Researchers believe that the tendency for diabetes is present at birth.

2. a general change or development in a particular direction
there is a tendency (for somebody) to do something
There is an increasing tendency for women to have children later in life.
tendency to/towards
a general tendency towards conservation and recycling
tendency among
a tendency among Americans to get married at a later age

3. aggressive/suicidal/criminal/artistic etc tendencies a part of someone’s character that makes them likely to behave in a certain way or become an artist, criminal etc:
children with aggressive or anti-social tendencies

4. [also + plural verb British English] a group within a larger political group that supports ideas that are usually more extreme than those of the main group:
the growing fascist tendency

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ADJ. clear, great, marked, strong | slight | greater, growing, increasing There's a growing tendency for women to marry later.
broad, common, general | in-built, inherent, innate, natural, underlying | alarming, dangerous, unfortunate, worrying The later model has an unfortunate tendency to collapse after a few weeks' use.
contradictory | centrifugal The civil war reinforced the centrifugal tendencies at work within the economy.
aggressive, homicidal, suicidal, violent | artistic, criminal, etc. He displayed artistic tendencies at an early age.
homosexual, lesbian
VERB + TENDENCY have | display, reveal, show | reinforce | curb, reduce
PREP. ~ among a worrying tendency among the abused to become abusers
~ for There is a tendency for farm sizes to increase.
~ on the part of The tendency on the part of the children is to blame their parents for everything.
~ towards Industry showed a tendency towards increasingly centralized administration.

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a natural tendency (=one you are born with)
His recent experiences had reinforced a strong natural tendency towards caution.
an inherent/innate tendency (=one that you are born with, which will not change)
When attacked, some people have an inherent tendency to fight back.
a strong tendency
There is a strong tendency to give dying patients far more drugs than are necessary.
a marked tendency (=noticeable)
There is a marked tendency for Hollywood marriages to end in divorce.
aggressive/violent tendencies
Some breeds of dog have aggressive tendencies.
suicidal tendencies
They failed to inform the prison authorities of the man's suicidal tendencies.
criminal tendencies
How should we deal with young people who have criminal tendencies?
artistic tendencies
As he grew up, he displayed artistic tendencies.

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BAD: I have a tendency to agree with the statement.
GOOD: I tend to agree with the statement.

Usage Note:
To introduce an opinion, use tend to (NOT tendency ): 'She tends to think that small firms should receive greater government support.'
Compare: 'Ann tends/has a tendency to get up late.' (= Ann often gets up late)

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