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thoughtful /ˈθɔːtfəl $ ˈθɒːt-/ adjective

اندیشمند ، باملاحظه ، بافکر ، فکور ، متفکر ، اندیشناک
- considerate, attentive, caring, helpful, kind, kindly, solicitous, unselfish
- well-thought-out, astute, canny, prudent
- reflective, contemplative, deliberative, meditative, pensive, ruminative, serious, studious
Antonyms: thoughtless, unthoughtful
Contrasted words: irrational, dull, slow, stupid, unthinking, empty-headed, shallow, vacuous, careless, heedless, inattentive, negligent, remiss, unconcerned, unmindful, inconsiderate, discourteous, impolite
Related Words: analytical, calculating, logical, rational, earnest, grave, melancholy, serious, sober, studious, brainy, intellectual, deep, inseeing, introspective, anxious, careful, concerned, heedful, mindful, solicitous, chivalrous, civil, courteous, gallant, gracious, polite, well-bred
English Thesaurus: kind, nice, generous, considerate, thoughtful, ...

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thoughtful /ˈθɔːtfəl $ ˈθɒːt-/ adjective
[Word Family: noun: thought, thoughtfulnessthoughtlessness; adverb: thoughtfullythoughtlessly; adjective: thoughtfulthoughtless]

1. always thinking of the things you can do to make people happy or comfortable Antonym : thoughtless:
Paul is very thoughtful.
it is thoughtful of somebody to do something
It was really thoughtful of you to remember my birthday.

2. serious and quiet because you are thinking a lot:
a thoughtful look
a thoughtful silence

3. well planned and carefully thought about:
a thoughtful analysis
—thoughtfully adverb
—thoughtfulness noun [uncountable]

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