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trade /treɪd/ noun
trade verb

داد و ستد کردن ، مبادله یا معاوضه کردن ، صنعت ، سوداگری ، بازرگانی ، کسب ، پیشه وری ، کاسبی ، مسیر ، شغل ، پیشه ، حرفه ، مبادله کردن ، امد ورفت ، سفر ، ازار ، مزاحمت ، مبادله کالا ، تجارت کردن با ، داد وستد کردن ، معماری: داد و ستد ، قانون ـ فقه: کسب ، حمل کالا با کشتی ، بازرگانی: بازرگانی ، داد و ستد
مهندسی صنایع: تجارت ، داد و ستد ، معامله مهندسی صنایع: نت: بازرگانی-داد و ستد کردن

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- commerce, barter, business, dealing, exchange, traffic, transactions, truck
- job, business, craft, employment, line of work, métier, occupation, profession
- deal, bargain, do business, have dealings, peddle, traffic, transact, truck
- exchange, barter, swap, switch
Contrasted words: avocation, hobby
Related Idioms: make (or strike) a bargain, make a deal
Related Words: employment, occupation, pursuit, work, market, merchandise, sell, deal, argue, chaffer, dicker, haggle, wrangle
English Thesaurus: business, trade, commerce, e-commerce, exchange, ...

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I. trade1 S3 W1 /treɪd/ noun
[Word Family: noun: trade, trader, trading; verb: trade]
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Middle Low German; Origin: 'course, way, track']

1. BUYING/SELLING [uncountable] the activity of buying, selling, or exchanging goods within a country or between countries Synonym : commerce
trade between
There has been a marked increase in trade between East and West.
international trade agreements
unfair trade practices
trade in
Trade in ivory has been banned since 1990.
the arms/drug/slave etc trade (=the buying and selling of weapons, drugs etc)balance of trade, free trade, ⇒ trade war at war(3)

2. the hotel/tourist etc trade the business done by companies, hotels etc ⇒ industry:
Working on Saturdays is usual in the retail trade.

3. AMOUNT OF BUSINESS [uncountable] British English business activity, especially the amount of goods or products that are sold Synonym : business:
A lot of pubs nowadays do most of their trade at lunchtimes.
passing trade (=customers who go into a shop when they are passing it, not regular customers)
Souvenir shops rely mainly on passing a roaring trade at roaring(3)

4. AN EXCHANGE OF THINGS [singular] American English
a) when you exchange something you have for something that someone else has:
Let’s make a trade – my frisbee for your baseball.
b) when a player on a sports team is exchanged for a player from another team:
The Celtics star demanded a trade after talks with management broke down.

5. the trade a particular kind of business, and the people who are involved in it:
I could get Ron to look at your car for you; he works in the trade.

6. JOB/WORK [uncountable and countable] a particular job, especially one needing special skill with your hands:
Brian insisted that his sons learn a trade.
My grandfather was a plumber by trade (=that was his job).
tools of your trade (=the things that you need to do your job)
stock-in-trade, jack-of-all-trades, ⇒ ply your trade at ply1(1), ⇒ tricks of the trade at trick1(7)

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II. trade2 S3 W2 verb
[Word Family: noun: trade, trader, trading; verb: trade]

1. [intransitive and transitive] to buy and sell goods, services etc as your job or business
trade with
India began trading with Europe in the 15th and 16th centuries.
trade in
The company trades in silk, tea, and other items.
They had to travel into town to trade the produce from their farm.

2. [intransitive] British English to exist and operate as a business:
The firm now trades under the name Lanski and Weber.
cease trading (=stop being a business because you are bankrupt)

3. [transitive usually passive] to buy or sell something on the stock exchange:
Over a million shares were traded today.

4. trade insults/blows etc to insult or hit each other during an argument or fight

5. [intransitive and transitive] especially American English to exchange something you have for something someone else has Synonym : swap British English:
We traded necklaces.
trade something with somebody
I wouldn’t mind trading jobs with her.
trade (somebody) something for something
I’ll trade you my camera for your drill.
trade at something phrasal verb
if shares etc trade at a particular price, they cost that amount to buy
trade down phrasal verb
to replace something you own with something cheaper, or buy a cheaper type of thing than before
trade down to
Many of their customers are trading down to cheaper cigarettes.
trade something ↔ in phrasal verb
to give something such as a car to the person you are buying a new one from, as part of the payment
trade something ↔ in for
He traded his old car in for a new model.

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I. buying/selling of goods/services
ADJ. brisk, flourishing, lively, roaring, thriving All around the pyramids, salespeople were doing a roaring trade in souvenirs.
lucrative, profitable | external, foreign, global, international, overseas, world | domestic, internal, inter-provincial, inter-regional, regional | export, import, import-export | direct, indirect | free | fair The organization promotes fair trade with developing countries.
legal, legitimate | illegal, illicit attempts to curb the illicit trade in exotic species
private | bilateral, mutual | unilateral | coastal, maritime | agricultural, commercial | retail, wholesale It has been a bad year for the retail trade.
book, fur, slave, timber, tourist, wine, wool | evil the evil trade in drugs
VERB + TRADE carry on, conduct, do, engage in, ply the tools needed to carry on a trade All manner of hawkers and street sellers were plying their trade.
boost, build up, develop, expand, increase, promote a bid to boost foreign trade He built up a trade in seeds, corn and manure.
damage, harm A bitterly cold winter damaged industrial output and trade.
lose Shops have lost a day's trade.
ban, restrict
TRADE + VERB boom, expand, grow, increase, pick up | decline, fall
TRADE + NOUN balance, figures, performance, statistics | surplus | deficit, gap, imbalance | barrier, blockade, boycott, embargo, restrictions, sanctions | tariff | dispute, war The countries were locked in a trade war, refusing to allow imports of each other's goods.
liberalization | benefits, concessions | accord, agreement, deal, pact, protocol, treaty | negotiations, talks | cooperation, links, network, relations | policy, practice The US was accused of employing unfair trade practices.
law, rules | bloc The five countries formed a regional trade bloc.
delegation, mission Several local firms took part in a trade mission to Spain.
official, representative talks between trade officials from the two countries
mark (also trademark), name | exhibition, fair, show | centre | route The road has been an important trade route since prehistoric times.
cycle the boom and slump periods of a trade cycle
association, body, group, organization the trade body representing water companies (see also trade union) | buyer, customer The vase was bought by a trade buyer (= for example, somebody who works in the antiques trade).
directory | journal, magazine, paper, press | information, secret The employees were fired for divulging trade secrets to a competitor.
PREP. in a/the ~ She's in the wholesale fruit trade. These special flour sacks are known in the trade as ‘pockets’.
~ between Trade between the Adriatic ports and their hinterland had grown.
~ in Steps were taken to ban the trade in ivory.
~ with The US has restricted trade with India.
 ⇒ Special page at BUSINESS

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II. job
VERB + TRADE learn | exercise, follow, practise
PREP. by ~ She is a carpenter by trade.
PHRASES a jack of all trades (= a person who can do many different types of work), the tricks of the trade The experienced artisan would pass on the tricks of the trade to the apprentice.

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ADV. profitably, successfully | actively | openly The firm openly traded in arms.
publicly publicly traded securities
freely He claimed that all shops should be able to trade freely on Sundays.
directly | illegally
VERB + TRADE continue to | cease to
PREP. as They now trade as a partnership.
in countries trading illegally in rhinoceros horn
with Early explorers traded directly with the Indians.
PHRASES cease/continue trading The company has now ceased trading.
trade under the name (of) sth The company trades under the name ‘English Estates’.

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international/foreign trade
International trade is essential for long-term economic growth.
global/world trade
We want the poorer nations to benefit from increased global trade.
the arms/timber/book etc trade
Britain is heavily involved in the arms trade.
the drugs/slave trade
the country’s thriving drugs trade
the tourist trade
The wildlife and scenery have helped to make the tourist trade Alaska's second industry
the retail trade (=businesses which sell goods in shops to customers)
Advertising encourages the retail trade to stock and display the product.
the wholesale trade (=businesses which sell goods in large quantities at low prices to other businesses, rather than to the general public)
In the domestic market, the wholesale trade and retail trade developed rapidly.
trade barriers (also barriers to trade formal) (=things that make trade between two countries more difficult or expensive, such as taxes)
The removal of trade barriers will help our trading partnership.
a trade agreement
On April 3 a new trade agreement between Romania and the USA was signed.
a trade embargo (=an official order to stop trade with another country)
Delegates urged the US government to lift its trade embargo against Vietnam.
trade talks/negotiations
A further round of trade talks begins this week in Geneva.
a trade deficit (=the amount by which the total goods one country sells to others is less than the amount it buys from them)
The foreign trade deficit widened by 42% compared with the previous year.
a trade surplus (=the amount by which the total goods one country sells to others is more than the amount it buys from them)
Scotch whisky is a major contributor to the UK trade balance, with a large trade surplus.

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