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train /treɪn/ noun [countable]

یک رشته موج ، اماده کردن اسب ، پیش قطار ، بنه یکان ، عقبه یکان ، ترن ، مسیر جریان کار ، کاروان ، بنه دریایی ، بنه اماد ، اموزش دادن ، قطار ، دنباله ، دم ، ازار ، رشته ، متلزمین ، نظم ، ترتیب ، سلسله وقایع توالی ، حیله جنگی ، حیله ، تله ، فریب اغفال ، تربیت کردن ، پروردن ، ورزیدن ، فرهیختن ، ورزش کردن ، نشانه رفتن ، علوم مهندسی: سلسله ، عمران: قطار ، معماری: ترن ، بازرگانی: کاراموزی کردن ، ورزش: تمرین ، علوم نظامی: تعلیم دادن

: train (mil,gun)

علوم دریایی: در سمت راست گرداندن
- instruct, coach, drill, educate, guide, prepare, school, teach, tutor
- exercise, prepare, work out
- aim, direct, focus, level, point
- sequence, chain, progression, series, set, string, succession
Related Words: course, run, line, thread, gradation, scale, tier, cultivate, develop, shape, accustom, habituate, harden, season
English Thesaurus: exercise, do some exercise/a lot of exercise etc, stay/keep/get in shape, keep fit, work out, ...

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I. train1 S1 W2 /treɪn/ noun [countable]
[Date: 1400-1500; Language: Old French; Origin: 'something that is pulled along behind', from trainer; train2]

1. RAILWAY a set of several carriages that are connected to each other and pulled along a railway line by an engine
train to
the train to Munich
We went all the way to Inverness by train.boat train

2. SERIES a train of something a series of events or actions that are related:
The decision set off a train of events which led to his resignation.

3. train of thought a related series of thoughts that are developing in your mind:
The phone interrupted my train of thought.
I’ve lost my train of thought.

4. bring something in its train formal if an action or event brings something in its train, that thing happens as a result of it:
a decision that brought disaster in its train

5. set something in train British English formal to make a process start happening:
Plans to modernize have been set in train.

6. PEOPLE/ANIMALS a long line of moving people, animals, or vehicles:
a camel train

7. DRESS a part of a long dress that spreads out over the ground behind the person wearing it:
a wedding dress with a long train

8. SERVANTS a group of servants or officers following an important person, especially in the past

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II. train2 S1 W2 verb
[Word Family: noun: trainee, trainer, training, retraining; verb: train, retrain; adjective: trained ≠ untrained]
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old French; Origin: trainer 'to pull, drag', from Vulgar Latin traginare, probably from Latin trahere 'to pull']

1. TEACH SOMEBODY [intransitive and transitive] to teach someone the skills of a particular job or activity, or to be taught these skills ⇒ training
train somebody in something
All staff will be trained in customer service skills.
train to do something
She’s training to be a doctor.
train somebody to do something
Employees are trained to deal with emergency situations.
train as
Nadia trained as a singer.
a highly trained workforce
Trained staff will be available to deal with your queries.

2. TEACH AN ANIMAL [transitive] to teach an animal to do something or to behave correctly:
a well-trained puppy
train something to do something
These dogs are trained to detect drugs.

3. PREPARE FOR SPORT [intransitive and transitive] to prepare for a sports event or tell someone how to prepare for it, especially by exercising ⇒ training
train for
Brenda spends two hours a day training for the marathon.

4. AIM SOMETHING [transitive] to aim something such as a gun or camera at someone or something
train something on/at somebody/something
She trained her binoculars on the bird.

5. DEVELOP SOMETHING [transitive] to develop and improve a natural ability or quality:
You can train your mind to relax.
To the trained eye the difference between these flowers is obvious (=the difference is clear to someone who has developed skills to notice something).

6. PLANT [transitive] to make a plant grow in a particular direction by bending, cutting, or tying it

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I. railway engine pulling carriages/trucks
ADJ. railway | metro, subway, tube, underground | intercity, international, long-distance | local, suburban | express, fast | direct, through I got the through train to Manchester.
slow, stopping | special | early, evening, midnight, morning, night, overnight | two o'clock, 10.45, etc. | return What are the times of the return trains?
first, last, next The last train leaves at
TRAIN + VERB run In summer the trains run as often as every ten minutes.
start | terminate The train terminated in Carlisle.
be bound for … an express train bound for Edinburgh
be due The next train is due at 9.45.
be delayed, be held up, be late, run late Most trains are running late because of the accident.
arrive, come in, come into sth, draw in, draw into sth, pull in, pull into sth, steam in, steam into sth The next train to arrive at Platform 2 is 00.30.
London to Glasgow, etc. the Paris to Brussels train The trainthe 12.30 from Leeds.
| Stuttgart-bound, etc. | northbound, southbound, etc. | Piccadilly line, etc. | crowded, full, loaded | empty | moving | stationary | speeding | runaway | approaching, oncoming the sound of an approaching train He was pushed into the path of an oncoming train.
passing the roar of a passing train
departing She ran alongside the departing train, waving goodbye.
delayed, late-running | luxury, Pullman | four-coach, three-coach, etc. | bullet, high-speed | diesel, electric, steam | coal, commuter, freight, goods, mail, passenger | military, troop | model | ghost a carnival with ghost trains and dodgem cars
VERB + TRAIN take, travel by From Germany they travelled by train to Poland.
travel on She's travelling on the same train as you.
use | catch, get, make We had to get up early to make the 6 o'clock train for Florence.
miss | wait for | run for I was late and had to run for my train.
board, get on, hop on, jump aboard/on We jumped on the train just as it was about to leave.
jump from/off, jump out of She tried to kill herself by jumping off a moving train.
alight from, get off | meet (sb off) I'm going to the station to meet her off the train.
change You'll have to change trains at Cambridge.
operate, run The company plans to run trains on key intercity routes.
cancel The 10.19 train has been cancelled.
drive | haul a train hauled by a steam locomotive
stop | derail | fall under, throw sb under Driven to despair, he threw himself under a train. came in and I got on. The train drew into the station.
come, go We didn't want to leave the platform in case the train came.
reach The train reached Prague at half past six.
return | depart, draw out (of sth), leave, pull away, pull out (of sth), start (off), steam out The train pulled out of the station.
head … The train headed out of Athens.
stand, wait The train now standing at Platform 3 is the 16.50 to Brighton. a train waiting at a signal
move Slowly the train began to move.
travel The high-speed train travels at 120 mph.
chug, trundle The train chugged slowly forward.
gather speed | hurtle, rush, speed, steam a picture of the bullet train speeding past Mount Fuji
slow (down) | brake | be brought to a halt, come to a halt, halt, stop | rattle, rumble, thunder, whistle The train rattled into the station.
jerk, jolt, lurch, shudder The train jolted into motion.
approach, come The train came towards them.
pass | enter sth The train entered the tunnel.
collide (with sth) | be loaded with sth, carry sth
TRAIN + NOUN journey, ride | service | station | times, timetable | fare | ticket | crew, driver, guard, staff | travellers, travelling | spotter, spotting | accident, collision, crash, disaster | window | carriage | shed | robber | set I saved up my pocket money to buy an electric train set.
PREP. aboard/on/on board a/the ~ the people on the train
by ~ It's quicker by train.
~ between trains between Brindisi and Rome
~ for/to He was leaving on the early train for Zaragoza.
~ from the train from Birmingham to Worcester
PHRASES a train load of sth train loads of iron ore
a train to catch I can't stop now, I have a train to catch.

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II. number of people/animals moving in a line
ADJ. camel, mule, wagon | supply

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III. series of events/actions/thoughts
VERB + TRAIN set sth in That telephone call set in train a whole series of events.
bring sth in (figurative) Unemployment brings greater difficulties in its train (= causes great difficulties).
PHRASES a train of events, a train of thought The telephone rang and she lost her train of thought.
PREP. in sb's ~ (figurative) In the train of (= following behind) the rich and famous came the journalists.

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ADV. hard
PREP. for The team is training hard for the big match.

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take/get a train
I took the first train home.
catch a train
He was in a hurry to catch a train.
go by/travel by train
We decided to go by train.
get on/board a train
At Stoke, another passenger boarded the train.
get off a train
He got off the train at Flushing.
wait for a train
She sat on the railway platform for half an hour, waiting for a train.
miss a train (=be too late to get on a train)
I just missed the last train.
trains run (=take people from one place to another at fixed times)
Trains run from two main London stations, Victoria and Charing Cross, every hour.
a train arrives
The train arrived on time.
a train leaves/departs
Trains depart from Rugby at half-hourly intervals until 4.00 pm.
a train pulls into/out of a station
The train pulled into Euston station and I got off.
a train derails/is derailed (=comes off the rails)
Most of the passengers escaped injury when their train was derailed.
a freight/goods train
a freight train carrying hazardous chemicals
a passenger train
a passenger train bound for Geneva
a commuter train (=a train that people going to work use)
a crash involving two crowded commuter trains
an express train/a fast train (=one that does not stop at many places)
He boarded the express train to London.
a slow train (also a stopping train British English) (=one that stops at a lot of places)
We got on the stopping train by mistake and it took hours to get home.
a steam train
Railway enthusiasts have the opportunity to take a nostalgic trip on a steam train.
a tube/underground train (=one that runs under London)
The condition of many tube trains is a disgrace.
a train journey British English, a train trip American English
They were not looking forward to the long train journey.
a train fare
How much is the train fare to Derby?
a train driver
The train driver apologized for the late departure.
a train crash (also a train wreck American English)
Ten people were killed in the train crash.

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