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type /taɪp/ noun

مدل ، ساختمان ، نمونه ، سنخ ، قسم ، رقم ، گونه ، الگو ، قبیل ، حروف چاپی ، حروف چاپ ، کلیشه ، باسمه ، ماشین تحریر ، ماشین کردن ، طبقه بندی کردن ، با ماشین تحریر نوشتن ، نوع خون را معلوم کردن ، علوم مهندسی: تیپ ، کامپیوتر: فرمانTYPE ، معماری: تیره ، روانشناسی: سنخ
الکترونیک: فرمان ، TYPE کامپیوتر: مدل ، نوع ، ساختمان ، سنخ ، تیپ ، علوم مهندسی: نمونه ، نوع ، تیره ، معماری: سنخ ، روانشناسی: سنخ ، نوع ، قسم ، رقم ، گونه ، الگو، قبیل ، حروف چاپی ، حروف چاپ ، کلیشه ، باسمه ، ماشین تحریر، ماشین کردن ، طبقه بندی کردن ، با ماشین تحریر نوشتن ، نوع خون ، نوع خون را معلوم کردن کامپیوتر: تایپ کردن ، نوع پزشکی: نوع

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Synonyms: category, class, genre, group, kind, order, sort, species, style, variety
Related Words: blazon, brand, form, sample, specimen, category, group, rubric

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I. type1 S1 W1 /taɪp/ noun
[Word Family: noun: type, typology; adjective: typicalatypical, typological; verb: typify; adverb: typically]
[Date: 1400-1500; Language: Latin; Origin: typus 'image', from Greek typos 'act of hitting, mark made by hitting, model', from typtein 'to hit']

1. [countable] one member of a group of people or things that have similar features or qualities
of this/that/each etc type
I’ve already seen a few movies of this type.
type of
What type of music do you like?
There are two main types of sleep.
type, kind, sort
Type, kind, and sort are countable nouns, and they should be plural after plural determiners:
Many sorts of jobs (NOT Many sort of jobs) require computing skills.
Use a singular or uncountable noun with no determiner after type/kind/sort of:
children who attend the same type of school
This sort of behaviour is totally unacceptable.
Use a singular, plural, or uncountable noun with no determiner after types/kinds/sorts of:
How common are these types of illness OR illnesses?
In informal speech, people sometimes use these/those type of before a plural noun, but do not use this in writing.

2. [singular] a person who has, or seems to have, a particular character:
Jo’s not really the sporty type.
Beth is not the type to make a fuss.

3. be sb’s type especially spoken to be the kind of person someone is sexually attracted to:
He wasn’t my type really.

4. [uncountable] printed letters:
italic type

5. [uncountable and countable] a small block with a raised letter on it that is used to print with, or a set of these

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II. type2 verb

1. [intransitive and transitive] to write something using a computer or a typewriter:
He types with two fingers.
Type your password, then press ‘Return’.
type something up (=type a copy of something written by hand, in note form, or recorded)
I went home to type up the report.
type something in (=write information on a computer)
Please wait while I type in your details.

2. [transitive] technical to find out what group something such as blood, cells, or a disease belong to:
DNA typing

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I. kind/sort
ADJ. distinct, well-defined | broad Two broad types of approach can be identified.
basic, common, conventional, standard, traditional | alternative | main, major, principal | diverse | extreme | personality, physical | hair, skin | blood, cell, tissue | product | habitat, rock, soil, vegetation
VERB + TYPE identify | revert to The boss came back from holiday all relaxed and smiling, but now he's reverting to type.
PREP. in ~ The recession is similar in type to that of ten years ago.
of a ~ a country inn of a type that has all but vanished
~ of There are various types of daffodil(s).
PHRASES of its type This exercise is the hardest of its type.
a range/variety of types

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II. person
ADJ. artistic, careful, City (= a person who works in finance in the City of London), creative, entrepreneurial, literary, old-fashioned The bar was crowded with City types in suits. He was the old-fashioned type, well-mannered and always in a suit and tie.
PHRASES true to type True to type, Adam turned up an hour late.
(not) your type She's not really my type?she's a bit too serious.

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III. printed letters
ADJ. bold, heavy | italic | roman
VERB + TYPE print sth in, set sth in Key paragraphs of the report are set in italic type.
PREP. in … ~ The important words are in bold type.

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ADV. correctly | neatly | badly | quickly | furiously He was sitting at his desk typing furiously.
out, up I've written the report and will type it up next week.
PREP. into She typed the details into the computer.
on This letter was typed on an electronic typewriter.
PHRASES closely typed 300 proposals and amendments covering 78 closely typed pages

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this/that type
He is not suited to this type of work.
a particular type
Have you flown this particular type of aircraft before?
the same type
The use the same type of axe as a tool and a weapon.
a different type
I’ve learned to work with different types of people.
a new type
These architects felt the time had come for a new type of public building.
the main type
Methane is the main type of gas produced.
skin/hair type
The best cleanser for you depends on your skin type.
blood type American English (=one of the classes into which human blood can be separated)
Mother and child had the same blood type.
personality type (=with a particular type of character)
Find out your personality type by answering our simple questionnaire.
soil type (=for example, sandy soil or clay soil)
The plant thrives in a wide range of soil types.

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BAD: The manager of the shop told me that he was not responsible for these type of fault.
GOOD: The manager of the shop told me that he was not responsible for these types of fault.

Usage Note:

BAD: This type of shoes don't damage the grass.
GOOD: This type of shoe doesn't damage the grass.
GOOD: These types of shoe/s don't damage the grass.

Usage Note:

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