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unique /juːˈniːk/ adjective [no comparative]

منحصر بفرد، بی مانند، بیتا، بی همتا، بیمانند، بی نظیر، یکتا، یگانه، منحصر به فرد، روانشناسی: یگانه، بازرگانی: تنها
بی مانند، بی نظیر، یکتا، یگانه، فرد
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کامپیوتر: منحصر به فرد، مانند

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- single, lone, only, solitary
- unparalleled, incomparable, inimitable, matchless, unequalled, unmatched, unrivalled
English Thesaurus: different, unique, distinctive, unlike, have nothing in common, ...

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unique S3 W2 AC /juːˈniːk/ adjective [no comparative]
[Word Family: noun: uniqueness; adverb: uniquely; adjective: unique]
[Date: 1600-1700; Language: French; Origin: Latin unicus, from unus 'one']

1. informal unusually good and special:
a unique opportunity to study these rare creatures

2. being the only one of its kind:
Each person’s fingerprints are unique.

3. unique to somebody/something existing only in a particular place or in relation to a particular person or people:
The issues being discussed here are not unique to the US.
—uniquely adverb:
an actor uniquely suited to the part
—uniqueness noun [uncountable]

[TahlilGaran] Dictionary of Contemporary English

VERBS be | make sb/sth Its magnificent proportions make this palace unique among the buildings of the world.
ADV. quite, totally, truly The city has an atmosphere which is quite unique.
by no means, far from, hardly Although such a case is rare, it is by no means unique.
almost, virtually | apparently
PREP. to This monkey is unique to the island.

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DUBIOUS: It's one of the most unique pieces of architecture in Spain.
GOOD: It's one of the most unusual pieces of architecture in Spain.

Usage Note:
Unique usually describes something that is the only one of its kind: 'Lennon will be remembered for his songs and for his unique sense of humour.'
In informal styles unique is sometimes used with more/most/rather etc. to mean 'unusual': 'This rather unique little restaurant is very popular with the locals.' This use of unique is considered by careful users to be incorrect.

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